Twitpics from Liberty Market, Wisdom from Chef Gwen

It's that time again. We've compiled a small but meaningful list of great Twitter accounts for any Phoenix foodie to follow. Whether it be restaurant deals, recipes, cooking techniques, or just funny BS, these Twitter accounts populate our timeline with entertainment.

Check out whose tweets caught our eye after the jump!

David Traina (@traina)

Traina is one of the four owners of Liberty Market in Gilbert. When he's not tweeting about hockey, he's posting twitpics and info about upcoming events and dishes for the market.

Twitpics from Liberty Market, Wisdom from Chef Gwen

Gwen Ashley Walters (@chefgwen)

Local chef and food critic on her blog Pen & Fork, Walters is an absolute Twitter fiend. Her timeline is filled with constant and active updates including recipes, cooking techniques, restaurant recommendations and more.

JK Grence (@TheCosmicJester)

JK Grence is a self-proclaimed vintage bartender with plenty to say on current Phoenix food trends and random meet ups at restaurants. Plus he has an awesome hat.

Twitpics from Liberty Market, Wisdom from Chef Gwen

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