Uwe Boer of SunUp Brewing Co., the Jolliest Man in Brewing

Who hasn't wanted to chat up the guys who make their favorite brews? The Chow Bella team, lucky dogs that we are, recently got the opportunity to do just that. Thing is, we only got a few minutes with each one. These guys are busy!

Watch the short video below for an insight into the mind of an Arizona beer-maker, and stay tuned for more brewer interviews in the days ahead, in the days leading up to Arizona Beer Week.

Today, Uwe Boer, jolly giant and head brewer at SunUp Brewing Company, tells us why he doesn't brew lagers and what specialties he has in the works for beer week.

Arizona Beer Week 2012 runs from Feb 18-25. The celebration of the craft beer boasts more than 150 buzz-worthy events in every corner of the state including Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, Tucson, Phoenix, Bisbee and every brew-loving burg in between.

Chow Bella partnered with Up Agency, Arizona Beer Week's communications team, to produce this video.

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