Goodbye, roast duck. You'll be missed.
Goodbye, roast duck. You'll be missed.
Heather Hoch

Wahsun in North Phoenix Has Closed

We're going to need a moment to get over this one, folks. Because while there are a number of solid options for Chinese cuisine around town, there was only one place where you could pay $8 for an excellent and sizable portion of succulent roasted duck.

And unfortunately for us all, that place is no more.

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Wahsun, the well-loved Chinese restaurant located at 8056 North 19th Avenue in Phoenix, has shuttered.

For years the no-frills Chinese dining destination wooed diners with crispy-skin roasted pork belly, flavorful hot pots, and kick-ass Peking duck. Though located in a West Valley strip with little charm to offer, Washun was a favorite for egg roll aficionados and savvy diners.

As with many Chinese restaurants, Wahsun offered both a menu of Americanized dishes (as in kung pao beef and chow mein) as well as a Chinese menu chock full of authentic and inexpensive eats.

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