Watch This Man Pour the World's Most Expensive and Oldest Cocktail

Salvatore Calabrese's world record "Salvatore's Legacy."
Salvatore Calabrese's world record "Salvatore's Legacy."
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Salvatore Calabrese mixed up world's most expensive cocktail at the Playboy Bar in London, which he owns. The single drink, dubbed "Salvatore's Legacy," cost more than $8,000 and was mixed exclusively with alcohol 100 years old or older.

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Most time when people serve "The Most Expensive Drink Ever" they tend to cheat by including a gold emblazoned glass or a jeweled stirrer. That's cheesy to say the least, it clearly shouldn't count unless you consume the diamonds with your meal.

Calabrese's record breaking attempt was delayed by several months after a customer accidentally smashed a nearly $80,000 bottle of one of the spirits. Thankfully, a replacement was procured and he was able to go ahead with his plans.

The "Salvatore's Legacy" contains the following:

We can only imagine that it tasted like, as Salvatore himself says, liquid history. To put some of that history in perspective, let's take a look at what was happening when these various alcohols were bottled.

  • 1788: The American colonies begin ratifying the Constitution.
  • 1770: British troops fire on colonists in the now infamous Boston Massacre. Marie Antoinette marries the man who would become King Louise XVI.
  • 1860: The Pony Express starts regular deliveries. Charles Dickens releases the first installment of Great Expectations.

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