Welcome Back, Quacks: A Very Special Episode of Guess That Gadget

All right class, settle down, settle down.

It's been brought to my attention from a student who wishes to make gadget class more than things going up your nose with a rubber hose (thank you Mr. Widwitz) that some of you Sweathogs may be cheating in an attempt to "win" Guess That Gadget by using a little something called reverse image lookup.

Lame? Yeah. Like Carvelli in Season 4.

Have I ever told you about my Uncle Max?

(G'head! G'head!)

My Uncle Max was so sneaky, he couldn't pass a blood test without cheating. But what did he learn? How to make things easy on himself? Spoil the experience for everyone else? That not getting off his case meant that you were a toilet face?

This cheatin' stuff is nutsy cuckcoo, so for everyone's sake, let's promise to be good little Barbarinos, Epsteins, Horshacks, and Washingtons, 'kay?

Or you can stick it up your gizzard with a rubber lizard.

Esptein's Mother


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