Wendy's VIP Event: A Serious Fry Girl FAIL

"Are you a salesperson?"

"No, I'm a writer for the New Times."

"Oh, what do you write?"

"I write a column about fast food called 'Fry Girl'"

"I don't like fast food. It's not very healthy."

(cue uncomfortable silence and shifting self in chair)

This is Wendy's? It is this morning and for once I've never felt so out of place in fast-food festivities land. Fry Girl's been invited to Wendy's Breakfast Experience -- a VIP, invitation-only media event to taste the redhead's new morning fare. And the memo? Yeah, I didn't get that. Passed me right by.

Ice sculptures, insults, and fast food faux pas in the house that Dave built? This breakfast event blunder's just gettin' started and I haven't even had my first cup of Joe.

How bad can Fry Girl eff up a VIP? See for yourself in this week's column.

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