What Food Fixes Do Readers Want for Phoenix?

Our readers are cool! Buy this popsicle print from YeeHaw on
Our readers are cool! Buy this popsicle print from YeeHaw on

​Last week I ranted that Phoenix needs everything from a Farrell's to bad Chinese food to a grilled cheese shop to some truly original ideas.

Some of you were peeved, as expected. But more often, readers got in the spirit and offered their own suggestions -- from low brow to high. Mostly love. I love it. This list is for you, readers. I hope we're able to report back soon that some of your greasy wishes came true.
1. White Castle. 
You really want White Castle.

2. Poutine on a Stick 

Really. Or out of the back of a truck.

Find out what that means after the jump.

"I know Tuck Shop did it/does it (though perhaps not by name) and a few other high end restaurants like to claim they offer some variation of it, but a food cart selling poutine would absolutely clean up in this town," one reader drooled.

"Poutine on a stick would take the Valley by storm, because then you could eat it while driving," another chimed in.

7. Cream Puffs

I had never heard of Beard Papa, which one reader pronounces "the best cream puffs in the world," but hey, there's room for that in Phoenix. Bring it on.  

8. Pinkberry

I couldn't agree more.

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