Where Am I Eating?

Where Am I Eating?
We happily spent a beautiful winter afternoon outside on the balcony sipping beer and enjoying a savory blackened mahi mahi sandwich with a side of crispy garlic fries. We normally tend to stay away from chain restaurants, but sometimes you need a beer, a sandwich and a patio stat.  Can you guess where we're eating?

Where Am I Eating?

Be the first to email us the correct answer at whereamieating@newtimes.com and we will send you two Harkins Theatres movie passes. They are even good for special engagements!. Email us!

Last week we left you drooling over Beckett's Table's Citrus Salmon. An overwhelming number of you guessed correctly but congratulations goes to Joel LaTondress of Phoenix for being the first person to guess correctly! Movie pass are on the way!

Email us your guess and you and a friend could be having your next movie date on us!

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