Where Am I Eating?
Hannah E Williams

Where Am I Eating?

We're giving away $25 to Coach & Willie's JUST for guessing where we grabbed the cheesy treat above. Really. 

We snacked on this sweet and spicy number at happy hour while draining a couple mason jars of a strong, southern concoction. Can you follow our bread crumbs? Go ahead, take a stab at it... 

Where am I eating?

All you have to do is leave your best guess and a valid email/Facebook/Twitter, and if you're the first one to get it right, you could be chowing down on $25 of tastiness at Coach & Willie's. 

Easy peasy, right? 

So why didn't you throw your hat in the ring last week when we got The Tempe and a garden salad at AZ Bread Co.?! You could've been $25 fuller, because nobody else guessed the right answer either! 

Who doesn't like a free meal?! Go with your gut and you might just be the next lucky winner....


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