Where Am I Eating?

Where Am I Eating?
Last week, we were able to squeak in a quick lunch at this breakfast/lunch/bakery's new and improved "bigger" location. Loaded with turkey we swear was just sliced off a freshly roasted bird, crispy bacon, ripe tomato and field greens made up this especially lovely sandwich. We enjoyed every tasty morsel right down to the little chocolate cookie on the side. Do you know where we're eating?

Where Am I Eating?

Be the first to email us the correct answer at whereamieating@newtimes.com and we will send you a $25 gift certificate to Fuego Bistro.

Last week we gave you a peak at our tasty lunch from Gordon Biersch in Tempe. Again, a number of you guessed correctly, but congratulations goes to Todd Ebeltoft of Phoenix for being the first! Movie pass are on the way!

Email us your guess and you and a friend could be having your next meal on us!

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