Where To Get Your Eggnog Fix


There are a lot of eggnog beverages available this time of year so we have to share where to get them plus what else around town has that Christmastime milky flavor? We'll tell you.

Just like the holiday that is celebrated alongside it, eggnog comes only one time a year. Which may be a good thing since the fat content is so high and let's face it the low fat stuff just isn't worth the time.

Find out where to get full-flavor, full-fat eggnog around town after the jump.

Here's who is offering the eggnog drinks: Of course get some of the real stuff from local dairy Shamrock Farms. Xtreme Bean is offering an eggnog latte and for an extra joint of caffeine Dunkin Dounuts will hook you up with a double espresso with Eggnog. Perfect for our sweltering Phoenix Decembers check out an eggnog frappachino from Starbucks or an eggnog shake at Jack in the Box and MOJO has eggnog fro yo.

Eggnog Fro-Yo
Eggnog Fro-Yo
MOJO Yougurt

To top off your evening cozy up to an eggnog martini at Lions at the Hermosa Inn or at The Vig and the Vig Uptown -- their holiday special is called the Blitzen, which contains Southern Comfort, Godiva white chocolate liqueur and eggnog, served in a martini glass and sprinkled with white chocolate shavings. Can you say yes, please!

Now where to find the sweet, egg noggy treats:
Chompies will start your day off with eggnog bagels. Sprinkles Cupcakes is serving up  Eggnog Spice cupcakes, the Breakfast Joynt has eggnog pancakes and waffles on the griddle, Honey Moon Sweets has a full-sized eggnog cheesecake that would be perfect to take along to any holiday gathering.

Know of any other egg nog treats? We want to hear about it! Leave them in the comments section. And get your peppermint fix here.

Eggnog cheesecake
Eggnog cheesecake

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