Wright 'em, cowboy

What's happening with the new Richardson's place you mentioned, the Rokery?

It's still coming, from Richardson Browne, owner of Richardson's and Dick's Hideaway in Phoenix. The smokehouse at 16th Street and Maryland will focus on steaks and fish (full meals, not à la carte) with meats from the same provider as topnotch Mastro's. He's building a custom "Euro" theme building from the ground up, so give him a few months.

I've got a very special dinner coming up. I'd like to choose a restaurant that's elegant, fun and creative, but not weird. Help!

You'll enjoy the upscale ambiance and fashionable food at Wright's in the Arizona Biltmore. Food is exquisite without being confusing. Favorites include "land and sea" (seared foie gras and ahi) with baby mache, pineapple brûlée and black walnut brioche; and Dover sole with Dungeness crab brandade, petite radishes and bouillabaisse essence.

My folks are in town from back east and want a cowboy experience. What will be memorable for them?

Take them to Rustler's Rooste at the Pointe Resort on South Mountain. They'll like the novelty of the rattlesnake appetizer, and the flavor of a two-pound porterhouse (they'll get to keep the knife, too).

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