Yuri Artibise's Perfect Food Day

Yuri Artibise's Perfect Food Day
Yuri Artibise

Yuri Artibise is one of our 100 creatives and an uptown resident who has spent the past four years creating community in the urban desert that is better known as Phoenix. His blog "Yurbanism" is at

We asked him to describe his perfect food day.

Breakfast: Start off the day with a tall glass of horchata and a plate of huevos rancheros from Gallo Blanco Cafe

Lunch: Catch up with friends at Pane Bianco while noshing on a soppressata with provolone & caramelized onions sandwich and a dark roast coffee from Lux next door

Dinner: Head down Indian School and pick up a half order of pork ribs; with a side of chicken if I'm hungry! ;-) from Stacey's Smoke House

Between meal snacks: Track down the Short Leash Hot Dogs food truck and order a side of fried pickles

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