Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's 10 Most Embarrassing Moments in Office (So Far?)

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Brewer signs SB 1070 into law.

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As expected, Governor Jan Brewer will not be seeking a third term in office.

Although the Arizona Constitution prohibits a governor from holding that office "for more than two consecutive terms," Brewer has been insisting for several years that she might be able to run for a third term. She announced Wednesday, March 12, at an elementary school in Glendale that she won't be pursuing that term. Here's a look back at Governor Brewer's most embarrassing moments in office ... so far.

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Published on March 12, 2014

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Brewer is a dipsomaniac lightweight controlled by her handlers for the purpose of enriching themselves. They'll find another sock puppet to use.

Cozz topcommenter

God, this woman is UGLY.

Bye Bye Jan, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


Not soon enough, but I"ll take it.  


@Cozz  Why does it matter what she looks like? Much of the sociopathic nastiness of her and the right wing's ideology and resulting policies is based on what people look like. 

She and her right wing brethren have proudly fomented a divide and rule strategy based on racial issues. They have a large amount of the white population believing they need guns to protect themselves from all those marauding Mexicans. While the mostly white rapists get a free pass from right wing heroes such as Joe Arpaio. They've tried to criminalize the entire Hispanic population, and are hell bent on making voting as difficult as possible for African Americans, young people, and women. She makes money from the abusive prison system, she has tried to ensure critical thinking, science and any cultural education that doesn't affirm white supremacy,  is either not taught in schools, or they're as low a priority as possible.  This is what she's about: not what her face looks like.

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