Arizona's Fry Bread Brings Native American Cooking Into the Future

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Fry bread has become an important food in Native American culture and can be found all over the Southwest at restaurants, fairs and on reservations. The native burger is burger patty between two pieces of fry bread.

As with many things once considered commonplace -- maybe even lowbrow -- fry bread recently experienced a rise in interest from the culinary world. Last year, the Valley's own Fry Bread House earned a James Beard Foundation America's Classics award. The foundation's annual awards, often called the "Oscars of the food world," use the America's Classics category to highlight five regional and locally owned restaurants with "timeless appeal." And so, fry bread officially entered the realm classic cuisine. Read the full story by Lauren Saria.

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Photos by Lauren Saria

Published on November 20, 2012

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ExpertShot topcommenter

I just wish that one of these Frybread purveyors had the good sense to utilize Mesquite Bean flour for these "traditional" meals.  That would actually make it "traditional" rather than the reason there is a 200% higher incidence of diabetes and obesity among our Native American brethern.


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