Behind the Scenes at Bertha's Cafe

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A slice of blueberry cheesecake.

If you are passing through the doors of Bertha's Cafe for the very first time, you probably have come for Beth Goldwater's cheesecake.

A poorly kept secret among Valley dessert hounds — those who can tick off their favorite spots for bread pudding without so much as a pause for breath — it easily is one of the best in town. Crafted from a recipe Goldwater took a year to perfect, it is bulky in appearance, yet lighter and less dense than you might expect, and its dark brown, thin cookie crust serves as a buttery and crumbly base for a creamy sweet filling with a golden brown coat and a seriously airy layer of whipped cream. Read the full review of Bertha's Cafe here.

Photos by Jackie Mercandetti

Published on August 21, 2013

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