Club Candids at Calico Jack's Cantina

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The guy thought he was a school girl, too.

Ladies who showed up in school girl outfits were given free cover and drink specials (which included apple-themed drinks) throughout the night. This gimmick prompted a few brave girls to look to fishnets for warmth, but the eye candy and cheap drinks were definitely worth it.

Check out naughty school girls and bundled up cuties duking it out at Calico Jack’s Cantina’s School Girl Party on Saturday, January 12, in this week's club candids slideshow. See the full club candids story here.

Photos by Melissa Fossum

Published on January 16, 2013

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Busted ass bitches with their busted ass bodies LMAO! Look like 13 yr old boys from the neck down & ugly ass skags from the neck up *YUK*

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