Club Candids at Gypsy Bar

In the past, most of downtown Phoenix's opportunities for fun were limited to concert venues or clubs on Washington. Cityscape changed all of that by adding an array of restaurant and shopping options, and plenty of features that make it a stand-out location. Nestled in the same complex as Copper Blues, Stand Up Live, and Lucky Strike is Gypsy Bar, which has the potential to be the Valley's newest nightlife hotspot.

It's not the location of the next season of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, in fact the locale doesn't have much to do with gypsy culture aside from the name. Leave your lavish wedding dress at home, and come instead dressed to the nines because Gypsy Bar is the swankiest place you can go to play arcade games. Check out the complete Club Candids review of Gypsy Bar.

Photos by Melissa Fossum

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