Club Candids: School of Rock Does the "Harlem Shake"

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The stunning staff.

Saturday nights are some of the busiest evenings at School of Rock, as the bar is packed wall to wall with coeds looking to dance. Every week, 101.5Jamz DJs broadcast live from the bar, attracting tons of dancing patrons. Things took an interesting turn on Friday, February 16, as the bar hosted a live taping of the "Harlem Shake." We're not sure who the masked dancer at the beginning will be, but a dance floor full of guests, go-go dancers, and a guy in a motorcycle helmet is sure to be promising.

Melissa Fossum

Published on February 20, 2013

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I clicked on this gallery because the three chicks in the first pic are smoking hot. Wow, am I disappointed. There is not one single pic after that first one that has anything remotely resembling an attractive woman. Every pic thereafter is of some homey who wants to be known as "Thug Life" on the streets and/or his fat cow girlfriend. 

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