First Friday in Downtown Phoenix, 8/2/13

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Hanging out with snakes at Willo North's Generations: Inspiration of Bird City exhibition.

This month's First Friday artwalk proved to be one of the most crowded art events of the season, in spite of the muggy weather. Highlights included "Generations: Inspiration of Bird City" at Willo North, "Iron Interpretation" at Practical Art, a Haboob group show at Drive-Thru Gallery, Fin's urban art at Aside of Heart, Denise Fleisch's mix of old and new abstract art at Lotus Contemporary Art, and much more on Friday, August 2, 2013.

Photos by Melissa Fossum

Published on August 5, 2013

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This is super fantastic.   Thank you so much Phoenix New Times  for the promotion.  Sometimes artists get discouraged and this really lifts the spirits to see that someone is paying attention.  Thank you again with gratitude.  Denise L. Fleisch  Artist.


Hey, New Times... Thank you for stopping by The Oasis on Grand Gallery!

We really do appreciate you stopping by and including us. Many of the resident/artists live here and show there work in the main gallery and OPEN their very own "Live in and work Studios" at the Oasis on Grand. A very unique concept and community!

The Photographs above were taken by Taylor Steffen Scott a live in resident and artist at the Oasis on Grand. Taylor's studio is known as STUDIO ONE18 located in the back.

Please come back soon for another visit!

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