Go Topless Day 2014 in Phoenix

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More than two-dozen Valley residents and women’s rights activists gathered at Steele Indian School Park on Sunday, August 24, before shedding their shirts, blouses, and bras and marching along Central Avenue in honor of the nationwide observance of Go Topless Day 2014. Like with similar demonstrations taking place in cities across the U.S., the Phoenix version of the event involved participants of both sexes going topless for all to see (save for homemade pasties covering their nipples) in order to protest the inequality of current laws that allow men but forbid women from baring their breasts in public.

Photos by Benjamin Leatherman

Published on August 25, 2014

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Most of those filthy hags have really nice floppy hangers. I'd love to tug on them. I hope more whores protest over stupid shit like this!


More and more women are doing just that. They're free lancing. Where else can you strip and the person can't touch you or make try to make you feel like dirt. It's actually an art that put a lot of women through school. I say good luck to all of them and believe me if I good do it I would be all over it.  

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