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  • Crafeteria 2014 in Downtown Phoenix
    More than four dozen local makers, crafters, artisans, and creatives set up shop outside of Frances Vintage, Stinkweeds, and The Clutter House at Medlock Plaza and displayed and sold their handcrafted wares during the annual Crafeteria shopping fair on Friday, December 5. Photos by Benjamin...
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  • Keller Williams at Marquee Theatre 12/5/14
    Keller Williams performs at Marquee Theatre on Friday Dec. 5, 2014, in Tempe.Photos by Jeremiah Toller
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  • Best Concert Photos of 2014
    2014 was quite the year for great concerts rolling through the Valley. We saw everything from legendary acts like Paul McCartney, The Eagles, and Billy Joel to pop acts like One Direction, Katy Perry, and Lorde packing arenas.If you missed any of your favorite acts this year don't worry, our...
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  • Club Candids: Netsky at The Pressroom
    Ravers, clubbers, dance music fiends, and drum 'n' bass lovers crowded into The Pressroom on Friday, November 28, to catch a scorching set of live d'n'b and liquid funk by Belgium-born EDM producer Netsky. Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
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  • Thanksgiving Weekend Parties in Scottsdale
    Given that Scottsdale's entertainment district is a major haven for major raging, it shouldn't come as any surprise that countless folks flocked to its many bars and clubs over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Beginning on Wednesday, November 26, socialites and party types hit up places like...
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  • Thanksgiving Weekend Parties in Downtown Phoenix
    While many Valley residents were putting away leftovers or sleeping off their food comas on Thanksgiving night, the young and hip crowd was shaking a tailfeather inside the Monarch Theatre to house music being laid down by Pete “SuperMix” Salaz and DJ Senbad during the annual Red Monkey "Work...
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  • Thanksgiving Weekend Parties in Tempe
    With a long holiday weekend at their disposal, students from Arizona State University and other local institutions of higher learning ditched their textbooks and took a well-deserved respite from classes over the Thanksgiving weekend and headed to the bars along Mill Avenue to celebrate. The...
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  • New Times' Month in Photos: November 2014
    November was quite the month for concerts, parties, art, and sports. Take a look back at our favorite photo's from November.Photos by New Times Staff
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  • 100 Best Phoenix Costumes of 2014
    If there is one thing we've learned about people who live in Phoenix it's that it doesn't have to be Halloween in order for them to get decked out in a sweet costume. Whether it's a concert, fetish event, rave, game or a normal night on the town don't be surprised to some flashy folks strutting...
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  • Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque Tour at Marquee Theatre (NSFW)
    The Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque Tour made its second stop in the Valley in just over a year last night at Marquee Theatre. As expected their was plenty of pasties, electrical tape, outfit changes, and screaming fans.Photos by Jim Louvau
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  • Club Candids: Sun Devil Fans at C.A.S.A. SunBa in Tempe
    After ASU's football squad trounced the Washington State Cougars on Saturday, November 22, many Sun Devil fans headed for C.A.S.A. SunBa in Tempe to celebrate the win. And Club Candids was there to get pics of all the festivities.Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
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  • A Pastry Chef Picks Up a Cleaver in Learning the True Meaning of Farm-to-Table
    I will not chicken out. Okay, I might. Before me on a plastic table is a chicken -- throat slashed, naked of feathers, still warm. The eyes are closed and since the neck has been cut to drain the blood, rendering my chicken lifeless, the neck is floppy and attached by only a few tendons. My...
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