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  • John Legend at Comerica Theatre
    John Legend brought a sensual performance to Comerica Theatre on Sunday, August 17, 2014. Photos by Melissa Fossum
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  • National Moment of Silence at Eastlake Park
    Many gathered at Eastlake Park in Phoenix on Thursday, August 14, 2014 for the National Moment of Silence (NMOS), a vigil for victims of police brutality. 90 other cities across the nation participated in the occasion, gathering people of all race, color, creed and culture to speak their...
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  • Club Candids: Big Games and Barcade Fun at The King in Scottsdale
    Distractions of the high-tech and lo-fi persuasion are the name of the game at new Scottsdale joint The King, as the barcade spot is stocked with both joystick-operated classics like Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, and Operation Wolf, as well as board games like Scrabble and a few Rock 'Em...
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  • Paul McCartney at U.S Airways Center
    While waiting for Paul McCartney to start his set Tuesday night at US Airways Center, I tried to think of living and performing musicians who are irrefutably rock legends (metal bands purposefully excluded). I came up with The Who, Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Rush, and The...
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  • Ancient Ales, Modern Science at Arizona Science Center
    For as long as grains have been farmed, beer has been brewed. Or so it is believed. As one of the oldest beverages in the world, beer certainly has a lot of history behind it and is thought to have been a major contributor to civilization throughout time. The Arizona Science Center put...
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  • Fetish Party 2014 at Venue Scottsdale (NSFW)
    Things got a bit hot and bothered inside of the Venue Scottsdale on Saturday, August 9, and not just because it happens to be the warmest part of the summer. Rivetheads, practitioners of alternative lifestyles and thrillseekers aplenty donned PVC dresses, silky corsets, leather gear,...
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  • Fall Out Boy & Paramore at Ak-Chin Pavilion
    Fall Out Boy and Paramore performed on Saturday, August 9, at the Ak-Chin Pavilion. Photos by Melissa Fossum
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  • Justin Timberlake at Arena
    They Valley just can't seem to get enough of pop star Justin Timberlake as he played his second sold-out show of the year on Saturday, August 9, this time at the
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  • Air Sex World Championships at FilmBar
    Several hump-happy locals busted out with over-exaggerated and ludicrously humorous simulations of sexual activity inside of FilmBar during the tour stop for the Air Sex World Championships on Tuesday, August . Participants pretended to do the nasty with invisible partners (or with themselves)...
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  • Club Candids: Wild Times at Bottled Blonde in Scottsdale
    The outdoor patio at Scottsdale’s Bottled Blonde was alive with co-eds and the college-aged types getting in a nightcap or spending the last moments of their weekend in style on Sunday, August 3, when Club Candids stopped by to get a few snapshotsPhotos by Benjamin Leatherman
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  • 10 Cult Favorite Restaurants in Metro Phoenix
    Check out our 10 Favorite Cult Restaurants in Metro Phoenix, from Chicken and Waffles to Chicken Shawarma. See Also: 10 Favorite Cult Restaurants in Metro Phoenix 10 More Cult Restaurants in Metro Phoenix: Readers ChoicePhotos by Courtney Pedroza
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  • Phoenix DinoCon 2014 at Phoenix Center for the Arts
    Dinosaur lovers from around the Valley got to indulge their tyrannosaurus-sized fixations for the prehistoric creatures during Phoenix DinoCon 2014 on Saturday, August 2, at the Phoenix Center for the Arts. The afternoon-long convention devoted to the behemoth beasts featured panels,...
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