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  • Inside the Strange World of Scientology with Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master
    Moviegoers will gain insight into an L. Ron Hubbard-like cult leader in director Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master, but the wild beliefs taught by the real Hubbard go beyond any fictional version. Hubbard's Scientology is based on revelations by the science-fiction author that can't be made...
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  • Against Me! and The Cult at Marquee Theatre
    Last night's line up was strange, to say the least. Noise rockers The Icarus Line drew comparisons to Iggy Pop while Against Me! played its first Phoenix show after singer and guitarist Tom Gabel announced the decision to start living her life as a woman, Laura Jane Grace. Headliners The...
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  • Distrito's Barbacoa Tasting Dinner
    Slow-cooked meats and all forms of carnivorous treats made an appearance at Distrito's Barbacoa Tasting Dinner on Thursday night. The intimate gathering lead by Chef Michael Fiorello, Culinary Director for Garces Restaurant Group, provided an informative look into the world of traditional and...
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  • 2012: Phoenix New Times' Year in NSFW (So Far)
    The holiday season is still a few months away, but we figured we'd give you (or at least one particular segment of our readership) an early present this year. We scoured our slideshows and pulled out the most NSFW content of the past six months and mashed it together all in one convenient...
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  • Arizona Gunfightin' at Rockin' R Ranch
    Owned by Big Jim and Sweet Mary Robson, Rockin' R Ranch is a real, working cattle and horse ranch with headquarters in northern Arizona. Guests can hitch up their horse and sit down to a full meal and entertainment. And there's always a gun fight after dinner. What could more "Arizona" than...
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  • Club Candids at Roxy Lounge
    Drinking, dancing, and debauchery was in abundance when the Club Candids cameras attended a major rager at Scottsdale's Roxy Lounge on Saturday, June 16.PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN LEATHERMAN
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  • Liquid Pool Party at Clarion Hotel
    The Liquid Pool Party was held at the Clarion Hotel Scottsdale this year, after it outgrew previous private venues. Proceeds to the event were donated to the Every Kid Counts Children’s Charity; a charity that provides education, after school sports, and activities for local youth. PHOTOS BY...
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  • Summer Solstice Swimsuit Ride in Tempe
    Usually, bike rides and mid-summer in Arizona don't mix. But when you throw in bikinis, water guns, and a secret route through Tempe linking all water fountains within a five mile radius, you have one of the coolest bike rides in Arizona. Over 80 riders showed up as the Tempe Bicycle Action...
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  • Van Halen at U.S. Airways Center, 6/16/2012
    When the recently reunited Van Halen (featuring original vocalist David Lee Roth) announced it was postponing a handful of dates on their current tour, most people assumed that it was due to some conflict within the band. Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth wasted no time dismissing the theory...
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  • Club Candids: Robbie Fox's Public House
    Oh, how we love the Irish pub. It's a great place to go to boast about one's Irish lineage (or the lack thereof) while spouting off innuendos like "would you like some more Irish in ya?" It's also the perfect place to enjoy a pint of Guinness and feign interest in soccer. Mill Avenue has its...
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  • Pool Party at Hotel Valley Ho's OH Pool
    Another weekend, another pool party. Yeah, that's Phoenix in the summer. Over the weekend we ventured to Hotel Valley Ho's Session Saturdays to check out the bathing beauties and trunked hunks. PHOTOS BY GABRIELLA JAFFEE.
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  • SMoCA's Summer Opening Celebration
    Visitors to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art's Summer Opening Celebration on June 8 were treated to video, sculpture, audio and interactive displays. SMoCA is now featuring Peter Sarkisian's multimedia art and an interactive and thought-provoking collaboration of 5 different artists....
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