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  • Best of Phoenix® 2012: The Art of Gaming with Evil Controllers in Tempe
    When video-gaming goes from casual hobby to serious business, diehard gamers look for every advantage to take down their virtual enemies. Enter Evil Controllers. The online gaming distributor caters to a worldwide customer base of xBox and PlayStation enthusiasts by building custom video game...
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  • Best of Phoenix® 2012: Chef Kevin Binkley Cooks Up Molecular Gastronomy
    Despite what we may have learned in human anatomy, we consider the stomach and heart to be directly connected, which would explain why we're so enamored with Kevin Binkley. Executive chef and owner of the award-winning Binkley's Restaurant and Caf Bink in Cave Creek, Kevin Binkley delivers food...
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  • Best of Phoenix® 2012: Arizona and the Science of Xenophobia
    Joe Arpaio's Maricopa County Sheriff's Office has become infamous for its stance on illegal immigration. Some call it racial profiling; some think it's just simple law enforcement. Whatever it is, it's controversial. From the border to Maricopa County, police officers and border patrol agents...
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  • Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra, Crescent Ballroom, 9/22/12
    Amanda Palmer is a paradox. On the one hand, she exudes the energy of someone who wants everyone to be exactly who they are - no façade, no varnish. On the other, her shows are invariably filled with costumed theatrics. There seem to be two Amanda Palmers and her best moments are when those...
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  • Dead Kennedys at Marquee Theatre, 9/22/12
    East Bay Ray, Klaus Flouride, and the other members of Dead Kennedys showed off their guitar skills during the iconic punk band’s stop at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe on Saturday, September 22. East Bay had an encore DJ performance during Rebel Yell's official Dead Kennedys after-party...
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  • Black Mass: Venetian Masquerade at Sanctum, 9/21/12
    Local DJs Apollynon and Aeternum staged a fantastical evening of costumes, masks, and old school goth and industial music on Friday, September 21, at Sanctum.Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
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  • Within These Walls Festival at Nile Theater, 9/21/12
    Within These Walls, the second annual two-day festival at Nile Theater in Mesa, organized by the resident promoters there, Mantooth Group, is a monument to the hardcore lifestyle. The weekend finds 31 hardcore bands hitting the stages at the venue, with a lineup that speaks to the enduring...
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  • Paul Oakenfold at El Santo in Scottsdale, 9/21/12
    The swanky, beach-themed North Scottsdale bar El Santo was packed to the brim with an upscale rave crowd hanging out poolside while world-renowned trance DJ Paul Oakenfold got people moving. There were plenty of bikinis, funky sunglasses, and Lamborghinis to be seen on Friday, September...
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  • 10 Favorite Concerts of the Summer
    We don't want to jinx it, but a string of cooler nights and balmy afternoons has us feeling comfortable saying "summer's done." The festival season has come to a close, and it's time to unpack that neglected denim jacket and put away your jorts and Coachella Crocs for the season. Of course,...
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  • Fiona Apple, Mesa Arts Center, 9/18/12
    Singer/songwriter Fiona Apple has a reputation. Her public struggles with fame and her label give the impression that a Fiona Apple performance could fall apart at any moment. But it never came close last night at Mesa Arts Center. Not when Apple was plumbing her emotional depths, not when she...
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  • Club Candids: Otep at Joe's Grotto
    The L.A. alt-metal foursome led by Otep Shamaya endured the sweltering late-summer Valley to put on a rager at Joe's Grotto on Sunday, September 16. Rivetheads, hard rock fans, tattooed freak, and other creatures of the night were in attendance, as were the Club Candids cameras. PHOTOS BY...
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  • Splat Paint Party & Music Festival @ Madison Event Center
    Both paint and beats were flying through the air at the Madison Event Center on Saturday, September 14, during this massive outdoor EDM and art event.PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN LEATHERMAN
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