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  • Wet Electric at Wet 'N Wild Phoenix Waterpark
    Wet Electric could not have happened at a better time of year. It's warm enough to wear a bikini but not so warm you have to run for shade, and the event occurred in the midst of a bunch of great concerts. The banana loving electro Swedish duo known as Dada Life played to a packed wave pool...
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  • 4/20 Celebrations Across Phoenix
    4/20 was quite the busy day in Phoenix. The Sail Inn offered a full day and night of music thanks to Phochella, showcasing bands like Kongos, Mergence, and The Love Me Nots. Down the street, The Stray Cat Bar & Grill had their own 4/20 party complete with live music and live art. All Cheba Hut...
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  • Third Friday in Downtown Phoenix, 4/20/12
    Third Friday felt a bit more like its earlier-in-the-month edition thanks to Pedal Craft PHX at Kitchen Sink Studios. The celebration of all things cycle wasn't the only thing worth checking out. Dayvid LeMmon and Anthony Zeh debuted a pair of photography exhibitions that showed just how...
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  • Florence + the Machine at Comerica Theatre, 4/20/12
    Florence + the Machine at Comerica Theatre. When I streamed the band's Coachella performance last weekend so I could get an idea of what to expect when they came to Phoenix, I thought, "She's great, but something about the performance is kind of weird." To hell with those thoughts! Last night,...
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  • Scottsdale Culinary Festival 2012: Eat Drink and be Pretty
    Fashionistas and foodies alike gathered at the Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts to attend Eat Drink and be Pretty, an evening of wining, dinning and designing hosted by the Scottsdale Culinary Festival. Guests dressed their best as they enjoyed this Friday night event of runway shows,...
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  • Scottsdale Culinary Festival 2012: Bubbles & Bliss
    An evening of effervescence known as Bubbles & Bliss burst onto the scene at The Saguaro on Thursday night. The poolside cocktail party, part of the Scottsdale Culinary Festival, featured a plethora of popped bottles, pretty people and plenty of champagne-infused cuisine. PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF.
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  • Andrew Bird at Mesa Arts Center, 4/18/12
    Andrew Bird has a fan base, the dedicated, serious, and loyal kind. The average listener has maybe heard one of his songs in the John C. Reiley-starring flick The Promotion, or maybe they have heard the beautifully orchestrated song of whistles on the soundtrack of the newest Muppets movie. But...
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  • Club Candids: Pinata at Fillmore Creative
    Turntable wizards Pickster One and DJ Melo launched their new moombahton monthly Pinata at the downtown Phoenix arts venue on Saturday, April 14. The Club Candids cameras were there and captured all the fun, whether it was patrons whacking a paper-mache bull stuffed with candy or dancing to the...
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  • fIREHOSE and M. Ward at Crescent Ballroom, 4/17/12
    Following fIREHOSE's blistering set of punk jazz, I was almost worried that the hushed immediacy of Portland-based singer/songwriter/producer M. Ward would suffer by comparison. Don't get me wrong: I love the guy's records, including the brand new A Wasteland Companion, and I'm well aware that...
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  • Friday the 13th Pool Party at Block 1949 in Tempe
    Pool party season continued this past weekend at Block 1949. It's not even triple digits yet and the skimpy suits are already coming out. Wonder where this is going to go in a few weeks? PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF.
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  • Two Year Anniversary of Viejitos Car Club at Cielito Park
    The Viejitos Car Club celebrated its second anniversary with a low rider packed parking lot on Saturday. But the celebration wasn't confined to the parking lot; polished chrome and white-walled tires could be spotted all over downtown on Saturday. PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF.
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  • McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2012
    Dark ominous clouds, and chilly weather couldn't keep music lovers away from the McDowell Mountain Music Festival this past weekend as hundreds gathered outside the Compound Grill for the outdoor music festival. Spanning three days and featuring 15 bands from an array of genres, the annual...
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