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  • Night Owl: 2-4-1 Wednesdays at Bliss reBAR
    Bliss reBAR feels like a metallic forest free-for-all with its combination of urban, industrial and rural designs. The heavily forested bar can be enjoyed at an increasingly blissful price as 2-4-1 Wednesdays proceeds past 9 p.m. and on into the Downtown Phoenix night. PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF.
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  • Johnny Fox's Record-Breaking St. Patrick's Day
    Peoria Irish-themed establishment Johnny Fox's Public House celebrated its grand opening on Saturday, March 18, while attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the most leprechauns in one place. PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN LEATHERMAN
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  • Food Truck Round-up at Superstition Farm
    Saturday was all about St. Patrick's Day, and the Superstition Farm Food Truck Round-Up was in full swing. Attendees got to experience 12 food trucks - fry bread, Japanese tacos, fried catfish, curry, and more, including a mechanical bull and carnival games, all to the tune of two bands. The...
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  • Flogging Molly at Tempe Beach Park, 3/17/2012
    St. Patrick's Day is the one day a year where we confuse the warm fuzzies we have for our fellow man for outright hostility. It's also the one day a year we get to punish our bodies for being Irish. At least that's what it felt like I was doing last night. If you live in the Valley, it's also...
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  • St. Patrick's Day Celebrations in Scottsdale
    The Scottsdale Ultimate St. Patrick's Day Block Party made sure nobody got pinched in Old Town Scottsdale on Saturday. Dos Gringos, Upper Deck, and Roc Bar hosted an afternoon and evening full of live music, street food and drunk green people. PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF. St. Patrick's Day across...
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  • Radiohead at Arena, 3/15/2012
    Last week I made it public knowledge that I'm not a Radiohead fan. Call me crazy, but the songs of the critically adored, legendary art rockers just don't speak to me. The sounds are distant and obtuse, and what can I say? I like music with immediacy, music that connects without the effort it...
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  • Club Candids: Odd Future After Party at Rocky Point Cantina
    After finishing their packed Marquee Theatre show on Friday, March 9, the members of Odd Future (or OFWGKTA, if you will) headed across Tempe to do some clowning at Rocky Point Cantina for the official after-party. Most of the members were in attendance, including Tyler The Creator, Hodgy...
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  • Night Owl: Mad Women Wednesdays at The Duce
    Mad Woman Wednesdays may just be the coolest night that nobody knows about in Downtown Phoenix. The Duce's ladies night is all about fresh and organic vintage cocktails, loud live music and not much else. PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF.
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  • Willie Nelson at Comerica Theatre 3/12/12
    It was a quarter after eight when the Red-Headed Stranger took the stage at Comerica Theatre last night. He hadn't even played a note, but the crowd of retirees stood in applause beside younger admirers of the man who is not so red-headed these days, and was certainly no stranger to the...
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  • Behind the Design of Chris Bianco's Restaurant Empire
    Chris Bianco's made a name for himself in the pizza business. The local restaurateur was born in New York and moved to Phoenix in the 80s. He opened Pizzeria Bianco in 1987, and established Bar Bianco and Pane Bianco years later. This year, he introduced his fourth spot, Italian Restaurant. All...
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  • Aloha Festival at Tempe Town Lake
    On March 9th and 10th, Tempe got it's annual taste of the islands with the Aloha Festival at Tempe Town Lake. Hula dancing, traditional island foods, and plenty of Polynesian crafts kept visitors entertained for a weekend full of island-themed fun. In addition to the variety of cultural food,...
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  • Andrew W.K. at the Marquee Theatre 3/11/12
    Andrew W.K. put on a fantastic show, most fun I've had at a show in a long time. Marquee was depressingly empty though. --Hailey Paquette (@hpaq) What a drag. We're sad to report that our own Dan Gibson, intrepid UOTS contributor, Tucson correspondent, and author of the Andrew W.K. piece in...
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