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  • First Major Haboob of 2012 Swallows Up the Valley
    New Times freelance photographer Andrew Pielage captured some amazing photos of Saturday's Haboob. Here's his report: "I had just left Tempe Camera and was headed to meet my brother for dinner. Pulling out of the parking lot, I got first glimpse of the bright red, orange and yellow glow on...
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  • Halloween Spooktacular at Salt River, 7/21/12
    Employees of Salt River Tubing and Recreation celebrated Halloween in July at the Halloween Spooktacular on Saturday. Apparently, since no one really wants to float down the Salt River in October, they've decided to celebrate Halloween early. Photos by Gabriella Jaffee
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  • Kongos at Crescent Ballroom, 7/20/12
    Kongos held their "official" album release party at Crescent Ballroom Friday night and were joined by Banana Gun, IAMWE, and Future Loves Past. Read the full review of the Kongos show at Crescent Ballroom by Anthony Sandoval. Photos by Melanie Mathieu
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  • Johnny Chu's SoChu House Neo Asian and Martini Bar Grand Opening
    Johnny Chu's newest food venture, SoChu House Neo Asian and Martini Bar, opened Thursday night to the sounds of a guest DJ and plenty of flowing drinks. Check out the full story about Sochu House Neo Asian and Martini Bar's grand opening. Photos by Lauren Saria
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  • The Scenario at Bar Smith and DJ Mendez's Birthday Bash
    Wednesday night at Bar Smith was not only The Scenario event but it was also DJ Frank Mendez's Birthday. Cake and Cupcakes for everyone! The DJ was playing some great music and DJ Mendez even took to the turntables for a couple tracks. Photos by Melanie Mathieu
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  • Grim Reapers: Arizona Inmates On Death Row
    There are currently 125 inmates on death row in Arizona, according to the Arizona Department of Corrections. Of those, 122 are males and 3 are females. This week's feature story by Paul Rubin details how death-penalty lawyers make a killing off Maricopa taxpayers by working the system of death...
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  • Club Candids: Bliss/Rebar
    Bliss/Rebar is a great place to relax on the patio with a group of friends while people watching and sipping a fruity drink. The bar attracts a diverse, yet friendly crowd of folks who want to hang out, grab a bite, or perhaps dance if the right song is playing. Photos by Melissa Fossum
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  • Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Birther Press Conference
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Cold Case Posse lead "investigator" Mike Zullo added nothing to their running total of zero evidence that President Obama's birth certificate is fake, which they presented at a press conference this afternoon. The "evidence" that Zullo presented wasn't quite as...
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  • WWE's Money in the Bank at US Airways Center
    The US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix was packed to near capacity with more than 18,000 local rasslin' fans on Sunday, July 15, as World Wrestling Entertainment staged its annual pay-per-view Money in the Bank. It was a night filled with fireworks, fisticuffs, and frantic action, which...
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  • Best Ink: Timeless Ink Tour 2012 at Phoenix Convention Center
    The Timeless Ink Tour featured daily contests to determine the best color and black and gray pieces of the event. Winners each took home $2,500 for best in show. Check out the winners, nominees, and guests with great work hanging out at Phoenix Convention Center July 13-15. Photos by Melissa...
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  • The Girls of Timeless Ink 2012 at Phoenix Convention Center
    There are bound to be some attractive girls at tattoo conventions, but not all events promise models. The Timeless Ink Tour boasted gals from 187 Clothing and Rock of Love, who were as gorgeous and lovely as the random girls showing off their ink at The Phoenix Convention Center, July...
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  • Timeless Ink Tour 2012 at Phoenix Convention Center
    The Timeless Ink Tour brought some of the world’s most talented body modification artists to the Phoenix Convention Center on July 13-15. Most of the booths were focused on tattoos, though piercers and other vendors were well represented while musicians performed and guests ogled custom cars....
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