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  • June 2012: The Month in Nightlife
    Check out our favorite nightlife photos of June including zombies in bikinis, douchebags partying it up, strippers gone wild and more. Photos by New Times Staff.
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  • Catchpenny Dandies and Ray Lipowski at Club Red
    Half burlesque show and half comedy show, the Catchpenny Dandies performed at Red Owl on Friday night. The brainchild of Hannah Somerville, the show incorporates zany antics, a plethora of accents, hilarious skits and some pretty fancy pole-work. Next door at Club Red, Ray Lipowski delivered...
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  • Sharks & Minnows Pool Party at The Phoenix Place Hotel & Suites
    Hipsters, artists, and trendy types converged on the stylish Phoenix Place Hotel & Suites on Saturday, June 30, for hours of drinking and diving fun during the inaugural Sharks and Minnows pool party. Organized by hepcat party czars Jared Alan, Craig Citizen, and Jen Deveroux, the all-day...
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  • Birthday Suit Burlesque at Rips Ales & Cocktails (NSFW)
    Birthday Suit Burlesque played out like a vivid fantasy complete with sultry pirates, Betty Crocker doppelgangers, glam girls, and fire eaters providing the perfect balance between naughty and nice all wrapped up in one sexy show at Rips Ales & Cocktails on Friday, June 29. Photos by Melissa Fossum
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  • June 2012: The Month in Phoenix New Times Photos
    Some of the stories that marked the month of June included the Supreme Court's ruling on SB 1070, Warped Tour 2012, Puente's underground library grand opening, "Burning Man" Michael Marin's death in a courtroom and more. Check out the top stories of the month captured in photos. Phoenix New...
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  • Jonathan Richman at Crescent Ballroom, 6/28/12
    It's hard to know exactly what to say about about Jonathan Richman's performance at Crescent Ballroom last night. Not because things weren't memorable (they were) or uneventful. Not because the crowd wasn't interesting and hilarious. And certainly not because Richman's performance lacked (it...
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  • Warped Tour 2012 at Camelback Ranch Stadium
    See Up On The Sun's full Warped Tour 2012 coverage: See also: Valley Bands Sweat it Out on Warped Tour Stages See also: Vans Warped Tour 2012: The Good, the Bad, and the Auto-Tuned See also: Warped Tour 2012, Camelback Ranch Baseball Stadium, 6/28/12 See also: Crowdsourced: Fans Beat the Heat...
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  • Strip Search Casting Call at Stratus (NSFW)
    What would happen if you got more than 100 strippers in the same room and started blasting hip-hop jams? Probably the same sort of wild scene that ensued last night at Stratus during the casting call for reality show Strip Search. Dozens of ecdysiasts and exotic dancers from a variety of...
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  • CLUB CANDIDS: Canteen Modern Tequila Bar
    Mill Avenue gets even weirder on Friday nights. The one-man bands, homeless folks, and gutter punks continue to hit people up for money, but it also transforms from casually dressed college students to scandalous gals who are dressed to impress. The crowd of people standing at 6th and Mill...
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  • Ten Favorite Cold (and Frozen!) Phoenix Foods
    Yeah, yeah, it's hot outside but we're not complaining. We're putting on our rose colored glasses and looking at the brighter side of summer -- we can eat as much ice cream as we want. Okay, maybe we can't (or shouldn't) eat ice cream everyday, but we can try and cool off this summer with cold...
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  • SB 1070 Opponents Rally in Phoenix After SCOTUS Ruling
    In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on SB 1070, Arizona lawmakers, community leaders, and political organizers gathered at the State Capitol Monday morning to say the fight is not over. They vowed to continue to oppose the remaining provisions that allow local cops to act as federal...
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  • Puente Underground Library Grand Opening
    On January 10th, the Tucson Unified School District's governing board voted 4 to 1 to abandon its controversial Mexican American Studies courses in order to bring the district into compliance with a new law, HB 2281, forbidding classes that advocate the overthrow of the United States, promote...
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