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  • Club Candids: Cue Bar's Sweet Sixteen
    On Thursday, August 25, Cue Bar celebrated their 16th birthday with a huge party. The bar's signature long island iced teas and sexy clientele made it quite the sweet sixteen. PHOTOS BY MELISSA FOSSUM
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  • Phoenix Artists at Burning Man
    Burning Man is equal parts desert party, bazaar of the bizarre, countercultural carnival, art extravaganza, and rave, all rolled into in one massive annual event that's been held in the Nevada desert since every Labor Day weekend since 1990. There's plenty to be seen -- including the work...
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  • Atmosphere at Mesa Amphitheatre
    ​It would be tacky to start an Atmosphere review with a description of the atmosphere, but in this case, I really don't have a choice. Just know I do it while gritting my teeth. The sweaty, steamy, rain-hungry crowd at Mesa Amphitheatre last night was nothing short of magic. Sure, much credit...
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  • The Return of Mantis Claw at Kazimierz World Wine Bar
    Kazimierz World Wine Bar's sleek and sexy lounge atmosphere hits another level when DJ Mantis Claw brings his skills and eclectic collection of vinyl records out. The Valley veteran, who recently returned to the weekly gig after a Summer sabbatical, has been regularly spinning at the wine bar...
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  • Hell City Tattoo Festival 2011
    The Arizona Biltmore became Hell City this weekend. The internationally renown Tattoo Expo featured over 200 artists showcasing their inking abilities. The three devilish days included tattoo contests, live painting, workshops and seminars, live entertainment, film screenings, and a hot rod...
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  • Back to ASU Pool Party at Block 1949
    Block 1949 got rocked by a wet and wild flock of Arizona State University students on Saturday. The Back to ASU Pool Party extended Summer into the new school year with a barrage of beers, bros and bikinis.
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  • MONSTERS! exhibit at Cade Gallery
    A creative and colorful collection of creatures have invaded the Cade Gallery in Downtown Phoenix. The show features creepy and cute monsters created by local and national artists. The show will be up through August 31.
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  • Young Jeezy and Freddie Gibbs at Celebrity Theatre
    Young Jeezy may not know how to ride a beat or rap for more than ten seconds without losing his breath, but he was certainly able to keep it gangsta last night at Celebrity Theatre. Rapping to a half-empty venue in support of his upcoming album, Thug Motivation 103, Jeezy delivered a set list...
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  • Phoenix New Times August 2011 In Photos
    It's hard to imagine anyone doing much of anything when merely going outside is a torturous exercise. Yet, somehow, we did lots of things. We partied in lingerie, showed of tattoos, hit up pool parties, and went to a rocking, fist-full of concerts. Check it out in the photos above.
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  • A Shortage of Mexican Laborers Threatens Arizona Farming In Photos
    You might be surprised to know that Arizona is the nation's second-largest producer of head lettuce, leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, and lemons. Or that the state ranks third in the country in tangerine production. Those numbers won't remain so impressive if labor woes...
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  • Texas BBQ House In Photos
    A slice of moist beef brisket was handed to me on bright white butcher paper, cozily curled up in the center, its aroma causing me to swallow in anticipation. I plucked it from its paper nest, tilted my head back, let it dangle a bit, then dropped it in my mouth, letting its warmth rest on my...
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  • Club Candids: Lingerieve at Jackson's on 3rd
    With so many girls wearing bikini tops to raves, a lingerie-themed party was bound to happen. Jackson's on 3rd hosted the fifth annual Lingerieve on Saturday, August 20 and did not disappoint. There were plenty of corsets, fishnet stockings, and glow sticks to go around. PHOTOS BY MELISSA FOSSUM
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