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  • Little Black Dress party at The Saguaro
    Black dresses and little else occured at the Little Black Dress party at The Saguaro on Friday night. Phoenix Art Museum's fashion curator Dennita Sewell gave a history lesson on the timeless dress and local fashion designer Robert Black showcased a few of his takes on the namesake number....
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  • X, Love Me Nots and More at Club Red/Red Owl
    Eight overlapping bands in four hours. Last night's X show felt more like a music festival than a Friday night concert. Eager fans bounced back and forth between Club Red and Red Owl to see a bunch of bands that played some variety of punk, country, or both. Read the full review. PHOTOS BY...
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  • Puscifer at Mesa Arts Center
    Maynard James Keenan's musical collective Puscifer, put the dramatics on display at last night's sold-out show, bringing the Conditions of My Parole Tour to Ikeda Theater in the Mesa Arts Center. Read the full review. PHOTOS BY G. LUKE HOLWERDA.
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  • Tennis, Gospel Claws, and Miniature Tigers at Crescent Ballroom
    Let's just put it out there: The first time I heard indie boy-girl buzz band Tennis, I absolutely hated them. For starters, I generally hate chick singers who don't have anything spectacular to offer (though a few of my all-time faves are Victoria Legrand of Beach House and Neko Case). I also...
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  • Club Candids: Rockbar Inc's Grand Opening
    Organizers of the annual Air Guitar World Championships oughta consider holding next year's event at Rockbar Inc. in Scottsdale, particularly since many folks in attendance at it's grand opening on Friday, December 2, were strumming faux Fenders and invisible Ibanez while classic rock hits came...
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  • Downtime Fridays at Filmbar
    Downtime Fridays at Filmbar are full of local DJs, beer discounts, and Downtown dwellers. The weekly event claims to be a dance night, and while we didn't too many people moving anywhere but toward the bar, we still found a great atmosphere with some seriously good beats. Photos by Ryan Wolf.
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  • Anniversary Snow Party at Axis/Radius
    One of the great things about living in Phoenix is not having to deal with snow. We don't have to worry about shoveling sidewalks, but we do miss out on snowball fights and spending a few months cuddled up with a sweetheart and some hot chocolate. Axis/Radius brought a touch of winter to Old...
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  • Dream Theater at Ikeda Theater at Mesa Arts Center
    Loyal fans talk about Dream Theater's live show in hushed, reverential tones. I'd never experienced the band live before last night, but years of hearing fans rave about the prog-rock theatrics of the long-running group set my expectations high. Read more. Photos by Maria Vassett.
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  • Downtown's First Friday (Dec. 2)
    Another First Friday came and went on Dec. 2. The chaos was amped up for this month's edition with "Shut Down ALEC" protests, animal rights demonstrations and a superfluous amount of musical performances. In addition, there was a ton of new pieces by artists such as Dr. Eugene Grigsby Jr.,...
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  • Frances' Crafeteria 2011
    All the coolest crafters came together for the sixth-annual Crafeteria in downtown Phoenix on Friday night. Medlock Plaza's Frances welcomed more than 45 local vendors. Check out the goods above...PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF
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  • Phoenix Tour De Coops 2011
    Tour De Coops is a tour of Phoenix's independent chicken owners organized under the support of the Valley Permaculture Alliance. This self-guided tour gave the public a unique look at Phoenix's charismatic network of chicken coop owners, their wonderful birds and their beautiful back yards....
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  • Iron & Wine at Crescent Ballroom, 12/2/11
    How much saxophone is too much saxophone? You might want to ask the young lady who passed out during the extended dub-into-free jazz-psychedelic blues skronk of "Wolves (Song of the Shepherd's Dog)," the fifth song played by Iron & Wine last night at Crescent Ballroom. Wait, isn't Iron and...
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