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  • Four Peaks' Beer Can Art Competition
    Four Peaks wanted you to drink beer and use your empties to create beautiful, wonderful art. You did, Phoenix. You combined your love for locally-brewed beer with your desire to cut apart metal cans and bring your artistic visions to life. Winners took home gift cards and cases of their choice....
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  • Arizona Tattoo Expo 2011
    Ink, piercings, and art work - Oh my! Such was the state of the Mesa Convention Center during the 2011 Arizona Tattoo Expo. Folks got ink done by a score of tattoo artists. Keep your eyes open for dragons, pin-ups, and one photo realistic rendering of Willy Wonka. PHOTOS BY MARIA VASSETT
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  • Combichrist at the Nile Theater
    Industrial is a tough genre for newer artists to emerge from and become truly successful in, but the potty-mouthed misogynists in Combichrist found the secret for doing just that: Go metal. The towering brick walls of Nile Theater provided both excellent acoustics and a fitting environment to...
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  • Metalhead at Martini Ranch
    Metalhead rocks out Sunday evening like a hurricane. The glammed-out guys did their best hair metal impressions on Martini Ranch's main stage, just like they've been doing for nearly five years now. The mock-rockers aren't the only thing that the evening has going for it though. The event...
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  • Bacon Arpaio: Behind the Scenes of This Artistic Rendering
    When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you bacon, you sculpt Joe Arpaio's head out of it. Check out a behind the scenes look at the creation of this porker in the photos above. PHOTOS BY JAMIE PEACHEY
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  • Club Candids: Friday After First Friday at The Quincy
    Bad news for any hipsters who like to stay up late in style: The Quincy ain’t gonna be hosting any more after-hours affairs until the end of the summer. Photographer Quincy Ross is taking a break from presenting parties at his CenPho studio and gallery for the next few months. There was one...
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  • King of Tranny Skate Competition
    Kids of all ages dropped into the bowl at Kids That Rip skate school on Saturday to compete in the King of Tranny contest sponsored by KTR and Cowtown Skateboards. With divisions in PeeWee, 3-10, 11-13, 14-16 and 17 and up, there were plenty of girls and boys showing off their skills. Boarders...
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  • Bret Michaels at Scottsdale Waterfront
    There's an old adage out there that goes something like "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." In this particular instance, it is being applied towards former Poison lead singer Bret Michaels and his setlist. The last time Michaels was in town -- at the Arizona State Fair this past October --...
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  • Of Montreal at Marquee Theatre
    There's a certain outrageousness associated with of Montreal. Frontman Kevin Barnes performs in skirts and makeup in the middle of a vaudevillian spectacular that includes giant fish people, disappearing acts, and Barnes riding a live white horse...full story PHOTOS BY MARIA VASSETT
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  • My Friend Jason's Beach House at Madison Event Center
    It was Friday the 13th this past weekend, which means it was the perfect time for the annual Jason Vorhees-themed dance party put on by local rave promoter Clix Bag of Trix. This year’s edition had a bit of a beach party twist as hockey masks, hotties, and Hawaiian shirts were in abundances as...
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  • Name That Tune at R.T. O'Sullivan's
    Saturday is Name That Tune night at R.T. O'Sullivan's in Glendale. The bar tries to create a fun party vibe by offering up brain teasing beats, a barrage of beverage bargains and a chance to win a $50 gift card. If your musical knowledge is a little iffy, don't worry the tunes are mostly...
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  • Club Candids at Dirty Pretty
    With a name like Dirty Pretty, you'd expect lots of gorgeous gals, and if you're lucky, ladies that want to get down and dirty. I'm not sure about the dirty half of the equation, but the pretty were out in full force. Check out the above photos to see plenty beautiful women shakin' it to some...
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