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  • Burning Man 2011 in Photos
    There was no shortage of spectacular and surreal art work at this year’s Burning Man festival in Nevada. Huge pirate ships, neon-covered Trojan Horses, an eclectic selection of unusual art installations and sculptures were featured at the weeklong annual festival. Valley burners recentl...
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  • Club Candids: R-Rated Trivia at O2 Lounge
    Every Wednesday night, Glendale's O2 Lounge hosts R-Rated trivia, allowing guests to test their wits with four rounds of questions focused on sex. Between rounds, the bar holds miscellaneous contests such as competitive stripping. PHOTOS BY MELISSA FOSSUM
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  • Neon Trees, Peachcake, and Iamwe at Marquee Theatre
    Neon Trees are neither neon nor trees. What they are is a band; a band that rocked the hell out of Marquee Theatre over the weekend. See Neon Tress along with Iamwe, and local boys Peachcake in this slideshow from the concert. PHOTOS BY DAVID ROBLES
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  • Toxic & Tasty at Red Hot Robot
    Do you like monsters? Hell yeah, you do. Well so do artists Paperdaniel and Blurble. They love monsters so much that they created an entire show of their creations currently on display at Red Hot Robot. Check out the monster madness in the shots above. PHOTOS BY TEDD ROUNDY
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  • Sade at US Airways Center
    Sade (the woman, not the band) doesn't seem like she has to work very hard live. If there's ever an audience willing to plunk down $149 for the good seats, load up on $25 glossy programs, posters, t-shirts, and memorabilia -- it's Sade's...full story PHOTOS BY MARIA VASSETT
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  • The Waters at The Dubliner Irish Pub
    The Dubliner is everything an Irish pub should be: cozy, casual, equipped with a foosball table and most importantly... really cheap. The $2 PBR specials and the band's nature friendly name make Tuesday nights at this Phoenix pub look like one potentially serious hipster hangout. However, The...
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  • Last SPLASH Pool Party
    Pool party season is coming to and end and with it the SPLASH pool party series. The last SPLASH of the summer soaked the Lexington Hotel on Saturday night. The hipster set danced and splashed the night away to performances by local bands such as Minibosses, Sweetbleeders and Hot Birds & The...
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  • Kitten Paws, Glass Blowers and Vacant Lots at First Friday
    September's First Friday hit Downtown Phoenix last night. This month's edition included the usual collection of overdressed teenagers, sweltering galleries and overwhelmingly outdated requests for free hugs. Fortunately it also included the Kitten Paws Vintage Pop Up Shop at New City Studio,...
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  • Deadmau5 and Tommy Lee at Phoenix Convention Center
    Phoenix Convention Center is usually home to conferences and expos, but last night one of the massive halls was turned into a giant glowstick-heavy dance party as Canadian producer deadmau5 ("dead mouse") came to town...full story PHOTOS BE MELISSA FOSSUM
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  • Raver Chicks and Mouse Heads at Deadmau5
    Make no mistake, last night's Deadmau5 show at Phoenix Convention Center was an event. If you missed it, you missed out big! While we can't transport you through time to rectify your horrible, horrible mistake, we can show you a ton of what you missed. May the above photos serve as a reminder...
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  • Molotov at the Foundry On First
    ​Traditionally, a foundry is a place where hardened metal castings are made. Last night I walked into the Foundry on First a wad of Play-Doh, and walked out a hardened rock 'n' roll concertgoer that my angry inner 19-year-old self would have been proud of. In short, Mexico's volatile rock-rap...
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  • Caves & Ives In Photos
    The menu is no-frills. There are appetizers and salads, a few pastas, some Greek-inspired flatbreads, and Neapolitan-style pizzas cranked out via wood-fired oven courtesy of pizzaiolo Dylan Scott, who used to do pies at Tommy V's and Marcellino's. In lieu of liquor, the bar menu compensates...
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