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  • Club Candids: Bar Smith
    Bar Smith is always a fun place to go. Solstice Saturdays are no exception, as DJs play house on the rooftop and hip-hop downstairs. Saturday, July 30 was a bigger party than usual for DJ Senbad's birthday. Check out the excitement in this week's Club Candids slideshow. On behalf of most of...
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  • SB1070 One Year Later: We Are Still Not Complying!
    Friday, July 29 marked the one year anniversary of the implementation of SB1070. Yet the community continues to fight, protest, and ,as it was shown on Friday night, they continue to have fun with it... a la "cultural resistance." The festivities included live mural making by ENUF, live stencil...
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  • Daylife Saturdays Pool Party at Spanish Fly
    The nonstop barrage of Summer pool parties continued this weekend at Spanish Fly Mexican Beach Club. Daylife Saturdays hit the Old Town Scottsdale hotspot with a bevy of beach bodies, beverages and beats.
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  • The Palace at Filmbar
    If it's Saturday and you're wondering where all the hipsters are, then you're definitely not at Filmbar's 1-month-old The Palace. The self-described international music bazaar is Downtown Phoenix's newest place to be seen and scene. Djentrification and a slew of guest DJs spin a mix of...
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  • Hobocation: Summers in Flagstaff Entice State's Homeless
    During the summer months Flagstaff, Arizona, draws a great many people seeking to escape the blazing heat of the low desert. Some stay in hotels, others have cabins. For the homeless, there's also a lure, as they're able to camp comfortably in the woods outside town, enjoying mild weather in a...
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  • Sa Bai Modern Thai
    Sa Bai Modern Thai is the restaurant where a tight selection of traditional Thai food resides in a calming, laid-back atmosphere that would make fast food magnate Dave Thomas roll over in his grave. Because Sa Bai used to be a Wendy's. Full story. PHOTOS BY JACKIE MERCANDETTI
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  • Club Candids: Sandbar
    There's more to the West Valley than sports and suburbs. University of Phoenix Stadium was completed around the same time as Westgate, causing an overnight nightlife boom for the western portion of the 101. Sandbar was part of this growth, providing Mexican food and a cozy beach atmosphere...
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  • Friday Night Fights: Part II
    Fans poured into the Madison Events Center to watch boxers battle it out in the ring. MONICA ALONZO
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  • A Perfect Circle and Red Bacteria Vacuum at Comerica Theatre
    A Perfect Circle returned to Phoenix to play Comerica Theatre last night. Opening band, Red Bacteria Vacuum opened the show with their own brand of Japanese, noise punk. PHOTOS BY MARIA VASSETT
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  • Alkaline Trio and Smoking Popes In Photos
    After 15 years, the guys in Chicago punk staple Alkaline Trio still rock as hard as ever. It just may be a bit harder to hear them over the roar of their boisterous fan base. From the moment the band took the stage at the Nile Theater in Mesa, the crowd went nuts. The crowd knew the words and...
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  • Journey, Foreigner, and Night Ranger in Photos
    In all my years attending concerts at this pavilion (under its myriad names), I've never seen traffic like what we waded through before the Foreigner/Journey concert. Cars were still backed up and blocking the intersection at 83rd Avenue and McDowell an hour after the concert started. The...
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  • Cannonball Pool Party featuring Peachcake and Amani Jae
    The Cannonball Pool Party continued at the Lexington Hotel on Sunday. Pabst Blue Ribbon, Sticky Fingers & Retro Hi-Fi presented another afternoon full of hipster dipping and PBR sipping. Peachcake and Amani Jae showed up as guest DJs for this week's edition.
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