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  • Club Candids: Subversion at Disco
    The dance floor was glowing and the bass was flowing during the weekly Subversion session at Disco in Scottsdale on Thursday, January 20. British beat-slinger Jakwob and local duo HavocNdeeD doled out the dubstep all evening for the numerous hipsters and hotties in attendance.PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN...
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  • "Shapeshifters: Ingrid Restemayer and Christy Puetz" Exhibition at Modified Arts
    Running until February 12, 2011 at Modified Arts on Roosevelt in downtown Phoenix, "Shapeshifters," a collaborative exhibition created by fiber artists Ingrid Restemayer and Christy Puetz, adopts the metaphor of the shape-shifter. A shape-shifter is a mythical being, legendary in every...
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  • Retro Hi-Fi at Sidebar
    Sidebar is a retro-modern lounge with a chill atmosphere and a sleek vibe. Retro Hi-Fi was founded by DK Strickler, World Famous Rani "g" and Dr. Drea in September 2009. They provide the hipster crowd with great drink deals and a laid back environment.
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  • The Exhibit at ALAC Gallery 147
    Gennaro Garcia and George Yepes opened up a world of new art at The Exhibit this weekend. Check out their art in the above images. PHOTOS BY SARA DALTON
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  • Best Coast and Wavves at Clubhouse Music Venue
    You know what record is severely -- "criminally," one might say if they were given to old timey rock writer sayings -- underrated? Hole's Live Through This. Some (a lot? a bit? -- I'm not exactly sure) of this certainly has to do with the oft-whispered allegations that Kurt Cobain wrote the...
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  • Tease, a Scandalesque Burlesque
    What do you get when you combine burlesque dancers, a boxing ring stage, a prohibition era warehouse and the MIstress of Tease herself, Blissom Booble? A sexy spectacle known as Scandalesque at The Duce.
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  • River Jones and Friends Music Festival
    The first images that came to mind when I heard about a folk festival at The Paisley Violin? Tie-dyed college kids screeching out against the Vietnam War over a haze of sweet smoke. That wasn't exactly the scene at the River Jones Music & Friends Festival. Influenced by the folk legends of the...
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  • Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction at Westworld
    Scottsdale's weeklong Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction brings fanatics, fetishists and collectors together in honor of all things car-related . Here's a peak at some of the highlights from the midway point of the event, Wednesday.
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  • Club Candids: Glow Friday at Vagabond Ballroom
    Heavy beats and dubstep treats fill the air every Friday evening during the Vagabond Ballroom’s weekly dubstep night. Here’s a look at who was in attendance at the club to dance and drink.
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  • Friday Night at Stray Cat Bar & Grill
    Tempe's Stray Cat Bar & Grill was anything but abandoned on Friday night. The evening featured live music and live art.
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  • Barrett-Jackson Kick Off Event
    Those who couldn't wait for the upcoming Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction gathered at the Scottsdale Pavilions on Saturday. The plethora of muscle cars and hot rods served as a more than ample appetizer for car fanatics and owners alike.
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  • Joe Strummer Benefit at George & Dragon
    Local band The Glass Heroes and other punk acts presented a night of music and mayhem on Saturday, January 15, at George & Dragon in honor of the legendary Joe Strummer, the late frontman for The Clash.PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN LEATHERMAN
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