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  • Lisa Sette Gallery Opening in Midtown Phoenix
    The entrance to the new Lisa Sette Gallery requires a small descent. It's exciting approaching the semi-subterranean Al Beadle building on Catalina Drive just west of Third Street. Excuse the rather obvious metaphor, but coming into the space really does feel a bit like discovering a treasure...
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  • Harvesting Native Arizona Wheat with Hayden Flour Mills
    When you're shopping at the farmers market or grocery store, it's easy to take for granted all the many hours of work that go into a single loaf of bread. Or at least, it is until you have the chance to insert yourself directly into the middle of the process. On Saturday morning about two...
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  • Failure at Marquee Theatre, 6/13/14
    In the throes of a guitar solo, Ken Andrews smacks his fist against his guitar, raises it over his head and shoves its neck into the Sunn Model 15 FRFR speaker behind him. He turns to face the audience, "Sergeant Politeness, caress my ego!" Like it or not, Failure's back — and not in the sad,...
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  • Cover the Crescent at Crescent Ballroom, 6/13/14
    There is Danger, Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, Minibosses, Sweetbleeders, Roar and Treasure Mammal hooked up for a night of fun at Crescent Ballroom for Cover the Crescent, a night where local bands cover songs from popular bands. The sold-out show was a benefit for the Lupus Foundation of...
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  • Inside the Phoenix Fetish Scene at CUPCAKE! with Suzy Homewrecker
    Take a look inside CUPCAKE!, a once-a-month fetish party thought up by Suzy Homewrecker. Homewrecker, a roller derby queen, fetish model, goth go-go dancer and one hell of an industrial DJ, puts on quite a fetish show at her parties.Photos by Andrew Pielage See Also: Suzy Homewrecker Is Taking...
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  • Tongue Tied's Phoenix Comicon 2014 Party at Apollo's Lounge
    Bam! Pow! Boom! Costumed heroes, heroines, and even a few villains engaged in some lively activity and interaction on the dance floor and out on the patio of Apollo's Lounge during Tongue Tied's Comicon Party on Saturday, June 7. There weren't any spectacular exchanges of fisticuffs or...
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  • Phoenix Comicon 2014: Costumes and Cosplayers
    If you wore any sort of costume out to Phoenix Comicon 2014 this past weekend, then we salute you. It took a lot of gumption to wear anything other than shorts and a T-shirt when temperatures hovered around 110 degrees during the entire run of the event from Thursday, June 5, to Sunday, June 8,...
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  • Girls Rule: The Costumed Women of Phoenix Comicon 2014
    Geek girl power was in full effect during all four days of Phoenix Comicon 2014 this past weekend as female fans of pop culture, science fiction, anime, horror, gaming, and other nerdy obsessions were amongst the tens of thousands that flocked to annual event from Thursday, June 5, to Sunday,...
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  • Palabra Pop-Up Gallery at the UNION
    On First Friday the Palabra Pop-Up Galleries had a show at the Biltmore UNION. They created the show "Girl" with Rebecca Green's and Mikey Jackson's paintings.Photos by Courtney Pedroza
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  • First Friday in Downtown Phoenix, 6/6/14
    Downtown Phoenix came alive with First Friday on June 6 thanks in part to Phoenix Comicon and and the Diamondbacks v. Braves. Patrons enjoyed the galleries, several street performers, vendors and much more.Photos by Courtney Pedroza
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  • Guns N' Roses at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas
    Axl Rose and his new cast of gunners wrapped up their second residency at The Joint inside The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino over the weekend in Las Vegas. While there were no Izzy Stradlin or Duff McKagen surprise appearances on the final night this time around there was plenty of star power in...
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  • Lionel Richie at Ak-Chin Pavilion - 6/8/2014
    Lionel Richie is one of the best-selling artists of all time. He was a member of Motown's The Commodores in the '60s and went on to be a hit machine as a solo artist, with 10-plus albums released over 30 years. He's 64 and still appears to thoroughly enjoy performing. The sheer amount of...
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