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  • Personal Space: Jill Detter
    Jill Detter moved into her 1950s tract home 22 years ago to be closer to her son's school. A few years later, she discovered Mexican art. Countless figurines, santos, trees of life, and pieces by local artists including Janet deBerg Lang and Linda Ingrahm decorate the librarian and avid art...
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  • 311 and Katastro in Photos
    Until last night I had never attended a sold out show at the Marquee. I had also never been surrounded by fans chanting any band's name as loudly as the audience of lovable stoners did last night as they waited anxiously for 311 to take the stage. Everyone in the venue was shouting, "Three...
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  • Third Thursday in El Mirage
    Thomas Schultz has been cultivating arts in downtown El Mirage for the past year. Although city officials behind fostering art in El Mirage have been fired by the city's newest leaders, Thomas continues to organize Third Thursdays, a fledgling arts festival in El Mirage. He hopes it will spark...
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  • El Mirage in Photos
    Lifelong residents of El Mirage remember living comfortably for decades with the nearby military base. The community became a city in 1951 and still managed to avoid rifts with military officials. After a while, the sounds of jet engines screeching overhead simply faded into the background....
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  • Club Candids: Shake! Six Year Anniversary at The Rogue Bar
    Shake! may have ended two years ago, but the original DJs got together last Saturday to celebrate the dance party's six year anniversary. Check out the dancing madness in the photos above. PHOTOS BY MELISSA FOSSUM
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  • Cupid's Revenge at District 8 Warehouse
    New York City’s Hard Onez and Seattle’s Grym were just two of the headliners at this action-packed underground dance event on Saturday, February 19, at the District 8 Warehouse. EDM was in the air all evening as ravers, club kids, and electronica aficionados spent the night dancing and prancing...
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  • Desert Region Ferrari Club's Italian Car Show
    At the Scottsdale 101 Shopping Center on Saturday, the roar of several engines could be heard through the parking lot as car enthusiasts gathered to listen to the revs of Ferraris and Lambourghinis. Despite the cloudy skies, a large number of spectators from across the state came to see the...
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  • Rockaroke at The Sail Inn
    The Sail Inn's Rockaroke gives bar goers a chance to live out their rock and roll fantasies every Thursday. Veteran local act, The Zen Lunatics, turn regular old karaoke into Rockaroke by playing live instruments behind a series of one track troubadours.
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  • Death Angel and Lazarus AD in Photos
    It took me 24 years to finally see Death Angel perform live, but all things considered, it was well worth the wait. If any show is capable of whetting one's appetite for this April's Big 4 extravaganza in Indio, California, this was it. The Bay Area thrash veterans put on a show to remember in...
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  • Personal Space: Violet and Hazel
    Local letterpress printing company Hazel and Violet started just over 2 years ago when longtime friends Nancy Hill and Beverly Wolfe went onto Craigslist and found a listing posted by a guy retiring from the business and selling his entire studio...full story PHOTOS BY CARRIE WHEELER
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  • Arizona RenFest in Photos
    Unlike art walks, the Renaissance Festival is all about people watching and shenanigans. So grab a camera and ye olde something or other -- here's a peek at our Field Guide to the Arizona RenFest. PHOTOS BY WYNTER HOLDEN
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  • Club Candids at Narcisse Champagne Lounge
    Valentine’s Day weekend was filled with plenty of action, especially at brand new Scottsdale nightspot Narcisse. Couples and singles mixed and mingled while sipping spirits and hearing some hot mixes by DJ Rob Wegner.
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