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  • Rockstar Mayhem Festival at Cricket Wireless Pavilion
    Korn, Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, and Lamb of God rocked the hell right out of Cricket Wireless Pavilion. Did you head bang so hard you forgot the concert? Don't worry, we've got you covered. PHOTOS BY VICTOR PALAGANO
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  • The Empress Strikes a Pose at Drag Wars
    What do you get when you combine Rupaul and R2-D2? The answer is Drag Wars: The Empress Strikes Back, a weekend long Star Wars-themed event at popular Scottsdale gay bar, BS West. The scheduled festivities included drag shows, dunk tanks and even sumo wrestling. While Saturday night's drag...
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  • Personal Space: Jessica Carroll's Home in Photos
    Jessica Carroll knows what she likes and she knows where to find it. Her home in central Phoenix is a fusion of objects found at various thrift stores or acquired through other less conventional means. Hare Dryer by W.F. Martin, a surrealist folk piece hangs on her wall, a gift from her mom...
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  • Club Candids at Blunt Club at Yucca Tap Room
    Sometimes the best time and place to dance will surprise you. More often than you'd expect, a Thursday night at Tempe's Yucca Tap Room is a way better time to "get down" than a Friday night at [insert any typical dance club here], thanks to the killer DJs and zealous crowd at the Blunt Club....
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  • Chris Mars Exhibit at Mesa Arts Center
    One of the acknowledged masters of the lowbrow art movement, Chris Mars left a musical career to concentrate on painting images that have been inspired by his older brother's schizophrenia diagnosis and treatment. Here are some of the images on view in "Only Tenants Reside: Chris Mars" at Mesa...
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  • Sip & Dip Pool Party
    Our Valley pool party coverage continues. This time we headed out to the Chandler Hilton for the "Sip & Dip Pool Party." Aquatic antics? Oh yeah, they had plenty. Check out the aquatic event in the photos above. PHOTOS BY VICTOR PALAGANO
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  • Second Friday in Mesa July 2010
    On the second Friday of the month, Downtown Mesa is the place to be. Don't believe us? We've got a camera full of fire eaters, local bands and clocks made out of hard drives to offer up as proof. Check it all out in the above photos. PHOTOS BY DIANA MARTINEZ
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  • Kings of Leon at Cricket Wireless Pavilion
    Kings of Leon were, of course, the big draw Saturday night, and as an unrepentant music snob, there's definitely a part of me that wants to post some snarky review shitting all over the latest "next big thing" band to be shoved down our collective throats...full story PHOTOS BY LUKE HOLWERDA
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  • Radar Brothers at Yucca Tap Room
    Anyone zoned in on Yucca Tap Room knows last night's show featuring the Radar Brothers was quite the affair. Check out photos of the bros. plus openers Letdownright and Soft Drink in the above photos. PHOTOS BY SHAWN ANDERSON
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  • Personal Space: Sarah Spencer and Erik Nicewarner's Home in Photos
    ​Sarah Spencer and her husband Erik Nicewarner have a lot going on and most of it happens at home. Sarah is currently writing her first novel, contributing to several craft project books and guest blogging on various craft and gardening sites such as Mixology Crafts and Xeriscape Today. She's...
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  • "Melt Down!" Opening Reception at Soyal Gallery
    Soyal Gallery tried to beat the heat with a selection of "cool" pieces of art by the likes of vinyl toy maker Mark Nagata and Ugly Dolls creator David Horvath. Check out their creations in the above photos. PHOTOS BY DIANA MARTINEZ
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  • Salt River Tubing on Fourth of July Weekend
    The Salt River was more crowded by Bikini-clad beauties and alcohol-swilling ruffians than normal on July 4th Weekend. Check out the aquatic antics in the photos above. PHOTOS BY VICTOR PALAGANO
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