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  • Steampunk in Photos
    Once upon a "past that never was," Mitch, Casey, and Ben Brose were members of a zeppelin crew, under attack by evil gremlins. The three brothers saved their ship with the help of Ruby the Ray Gun, a "gremlin incinerator" flamethrower they made from recycled paint canisters and brass...full...
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  • Bloodfest 2010
    Let's dance shall we? But first, drench yourself in this fake blood. That pretty much sums up the craziness that went down at Bloodfest 2010. Raver chicks and dudes did like they do on the dance floor only this time they were covered in crimson liquid. It turns out that the dead can...
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  • Gorillaz at Comerica Theatre
    Twelve years ago Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett decided to create a cartoon band. The concept was to separate celebrity from pop music. This was the perfect vehicle for someone like Albarn, who is probably best known as the front man for Brit pop legends Blur. While Hewlett handled the...
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  • Arizona State Fair's Opening Weekend
    The Arizona State Fair is finally back. Take a peek at these photos and experience the glory that can only come from amusement park rides, livestock, and chocolate covered bacon. PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF
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  • Club Candids: Black Eyed Saint's Evil Ball at Boston's
    Apparently Boston's in Tempe isn't just for gourmet pizza anymore. Black Eyed Saint clothing took over the sports bar/pizzeria Friday night for its Evil Ball/fashion show/hot rod and bike show and New Times was there to chew bubblegum and kick ass. Feast your eyes on our pics. PHOTOS BY ADRIANE...
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  • Dayglow Brings Paint to the Marquee
    What do you get when you pack the Marquee full of ravers dressed in white, get the DJs spinning, and dump a few hundred gallons of paint on the crowd? Answer: Dayglow, "America's Largest Paint Party." Check out the messy fun in the photos above. PHOTOS BY MARIA VASSETT
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  • Sticky Fingers at Rips
    While hipster dance parties seem to dominate the downtown bar scene, DJ William Reed promises crowds a rock 'n' roll dance party unlike any other night in town. The weekly dance party, started this summer, has all the bells and whistles needed to party hard and shake off the week's troubles....
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  • The National at Marquee Theater
    The National's singer, Matt Berninger, has a reputation for performing drunk. It hasn't been a huge problem -- never leading to a canceled tour or even ruining a high-profile show as far as I know -- but the bottle on the drum riser is a well-known crutch for the introverted frontman...full...
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  • Independents Bowl at Let It Roll Bowl
    The annual charity bowling event featuring Phoenix scenesters rolling for the benefit of Local First Arizona took place on Sunday, October 24, featuring a veritable "who's who" amongst the Valley's music scene.PHOTOS BY MARIA VASSETT
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  • Club Candids at Chasers
    Psychobilly legends The Quakes shook Chaser's Bar and Nightclub on Friday night and New Times was there to assess the damage. Check out the fun in the above pics. PHOTOS BY ADRIANE GOETZ
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  • Jonsi at Marquee Theatre
    Even when he sings in English, I have absolutely no idea what Jónsi is saying. But at last night's show at the Marquee Theatre, that didn't matter at all. His music transcended language barriers, and was understood as a profoundly moving performance, which I would even go so far as to call...
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  • Colin Chillag Portraits at Pravus Gallery
    Taking off from photographs shot by Phoenix photographer Troy Aossey of senior residents living at the Westward Ho in downtown Phoenix, painter Colin Chillag reinvents Aossey's portraits in paint on canvas. In Chillag's portraits, realism slams against abstraction; all portraits are tied...
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