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  • D-JR's Going Away Party at Dirty Pretty
    Friends of local DJ J.R. Phillips (a.k.a. D-JR) turned out en masse for his going away party at Dirty Pretty in Scottsdale on Tuesday, December 21. PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN LEATHERMAN
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  • Santarchy 2010
    Arizona Cacophony Society returned to Scottsdale with its annual costumed booze fest, Santarchy. Hundreds of Santas, a few reindeer, some snow men, and a few scantily-clad Mrs. Clauses kicked the night off at Dos Gringos before moving on to just about every other bar in Old Town. Ho ho ho!...
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  • Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, and Roger Clyne Eat Their Christmas Pudding
    In a lot of ways Alice Cooper's yearly Christmas Pudding charity concert is like most families Christmas gatherings. Everybody gathers together in one spot and you have to sit through a lot of boring, awkward and downright uncomfortable moments in order to have a handful of good ones...full...
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  • Festivus Celebration at Cruisin' 7th
    Cruisin' 7th skipped Christmas this year and dragged in an old Seinfeld favorite, Festivus. The evening celebrated the gay community and helped raise money for Aunt Rita’s Foundation, a Phoenix AIDS organization.
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  • Cloaked Brutality: The Border In Photos
    Anastasio Hernandez Rojas screamed in agony as U.S. border agents rained blows on him and delivered 50,000 volts of electricity to his body over and over. "No! No! Ayuda!" the 42-year-old Mexican wailed, pleading for help in Spanish. "Ayudenme [help me]!" It was late in the evening of May 28,...
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  • Neon Trees at Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino
    I never thought one of the best shows I saw all year would be in an Arizona casino. Even the bands playing last night at Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino in Chandler, Paper Tongues and Neon Trees, remarked how odd it was they were in a casino showroom, saying things such as, "I have no idea what...
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  • Club Candids at 910 Live
    As a lifelong Phoenician, it's hard not to get all nostalgic for the old Boston's when stepping foot into 910 Live, but even without its dirt lot and smelly interior, the location has once again become a great place to see bands. We stopped by on Saturday for the No Headphones Required! show...
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  • Phoenix Tequila Fest in Photos
    U.S. Airways Center was buzzing (pun intended) with activity this weekend during the Phoenix Tequila Fest. Representatives from several distilleries were on hand to pass out samples of their agave nectar to the crowds. Salud! PHOTOS BY MARIA VASSETT
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  • Obscura turns Tron
    Tron Legacy took over the Obscura dance party at Rip's on Saturday. PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF
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  • Shotfest 4 at Yucca Tap Room
    The annual shindig known as Shotfest went down this weekend at Yucca Tap Room, and no band was spared. Before each song, Mr. Pacman, Vin Fiz, The Minibosses and others took shots. The result was a sweaty, alcohol-fueled mess of musical chaos. Yeah, it was pretty awesome. PHOTOS BY SHAWN ANDEROSN
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  • Thread, A One-Day Fashion Show and Shop
    The Ice House in Downtown Phoenix let it's inner fashionista loose on Sunday for Thread. The all-day event featured booths of up-and-coming fashion companies, local artists, photo booths and even an opportunity to swap clothing. PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF
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  • Roger Clyne at U.S. Airways Center
    Roger Cylne had a busy weekend that revolved around tequila. The musician's own brand of agave goodness, "Mexican Moonshine," made the rounds at the Phoenix Tequila Fest. Clyne closed the festival down with a Sunday evening performance. PHOTOS BY MARIA VASSETT
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