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  • Tempe Festival of the Arts
    Folks crowded Tempe's Mill Ave. to check out Indian folk instruments carved from wood and almond-covered apples. Artists sold their creations while unicyclists played violins and the Mill Ave. Cue Club crowd wondered what the hell was going on. PHOTOS BY TIMUR GUSEYNOV
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  • First Friday: December 2010
    Folks on fire? Check. Girls painted with glitter and dancing on walls? Check. A downtown filled with artists and loiterers checking out interesting local art to a soundtrack of bands cutting their teeth on their first live performances. Double check. PHOTOS BY TIMUR GUSEYNOV
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  • Yo Gabba Gabba! at Comerica Theatre
    As I mentioned in my interview with Yo Gabba Gabba! co-creator Christian Jacobs, I have seen every episode of the popular kids TV show Yo Gabba Gabba! a minimum of six times. You may think that number is an exaggeration but I assure you it is not...full story PHOTOS BY MARIA VASSETT
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  • Winter Enchantment
    Scottsdale now has an outdoor ice skating rink. A group of young figure skaters showed off their stuff at Palavela Home's front patio synthetic ice rink on Wednesday night. The rink will be available for public skating until January 1 and will help raise money for various charities. This...
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  • Club Candids: Ransom at Philthy Phil's
    Another Friday, another debaucherously fun night at Philthy Phil's (they serve drinks in plastic buckets for god's sake). See the "Fu@% it Bucket" induced happenings for yourself in these photos! PHOTOS BY ADRIANE GOETZ
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  • The Summer Set at Nile Theater
    Remember that awful movie your daughter/niece/little sister/granddaughter forced you to watch on the Disney channel? The one with the then super popular female actress whose character was dealing with those oh-so-difficult teen girl problems? Remember the scene where the lead actress goes to...
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  • Roger Waters at U.S. Airways Center
    Since it's safe to say that at least most of the audience was already familiar with the context of the lyrics and the material being performed, Waters was able to largely base the show on visual storytelling. From the (totally non-anti-Semitic) symbols of society being dropped by B-52 planes...
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  • Pirates Attack Firehouse
    This Saturday, the Firehouse was ravaged and plundered by a band of ruffians during their "The End of the World is Coming, What Kind of Pirate Will You Be?" event. Pirates with a saw to grind let sparks fly while DJs kicked it and a few local bands brought in the apocalypse. PHOTOS BY TIMUR...
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  • Thanksgiving Eve Gravy Bikini Wrestling
    Girls in bikinis? Check. Girls in bikinis wrestling? Check. Girls in bikinis wrestling in gravy and mashed potatoes? Check. Hurricane Bay hosted the second annual Thanksgiving Eve Gravy Bikini Wrestling Party on Wednesday.
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  • Club Candids: Retox Sundays at Martini Ranch
    Although the five-day Thanksgiving holiday technically doesn’t start until tonight, those in attendance at Martini Ranch’s Retox Sundays shindig on Sunday, November 21, got a jump on the festivities. They drank down plenty of beer and booze, smoked flavorful shishas, danced to the sounds laid...
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  • Personal Space: Dayvid LemMon's Museum of Gentrification
    Local photographer Dayvid LemMon lives in one of the only houses left in his downtown Phoenix neighborhood. He calls his space the Museum of Gentrification; it's island of sorts surrounded by city high-rises and condominiums. Inside, LemMon describes his style as Gothic, Victorian Row House,...
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  • The Roots vs. Miniature Tigers at the Red Bull Soundclash
    Okay, let's go ahead and get this out of the way first: In terms of who would win in a true, neutral-turf battle of the bands between The Roots and the Miniature Tigers, there is really little doubt that it would be The Roots...full story PHOTOS BY SHAWN ANDERSON
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