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  • Grand Opening of The Fixx Coffee Bar on 7th
    The Fixx Coffee Bar on 7th had its grand opening on Saturday night featuring live art and performances by Lawnchair, Stellacutta, The Muddy Moneys and Kid Sampson. The Fixx will be the home for Tempe Starving Artist events, including free concerts every Saturday night and open mic nights on Fridays.
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  • Ozzy Osbourne and Slash at Comerica Theatre
    Have you ever wondered what happened to the people who appeared in the '80s rock documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lot? Well, from the looks of it they were all standing in a line that stretched around the Comerica Theatre last night. And they brought their kids, too...full story PHOTOS BY LUKE...
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  • Get Up Kids, Steel Train, and River City Extension In Photos
    At any given point in a man's life, he's got that one shirt -- be it a tee, polo, western, or over-sized Packers jersey -- that just stands a bit taller than the rest of the crowd. A shirt with such a distinguished place in the normal shirt rotation, that he's your go-to-guy when you really...
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  • Branded: Can Tucson Ever Live It Down?
    It's true that we don't think of JFK every time someone mentions Dallas, and you can talk about New York City finally without conjuring 9/11. No one ever called it the Manhattan Tragedy. But Tucson's much smaller. And for many, Jared Lee Loughner's killing spree is and will be the fir...
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  • Club Candids: Subversion at Disco
    The dance floor was glowing and the bass was flowing during the weekly Subversion session at Disco in Scottsdale on Thursday, January 20. British beat-slinger Jakwob and local duo HavocNdeeD doled out the dubstep all evening for the numerous hipsters and hotties in attendance.PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN...
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  • "Shapeshifters: Ingrid Restemayer and Christy Puetz" Exhibition at Modified Arts
    Running until February 12, 2011 at Modified Arts on Roosevelt in downtown Phoenix, "Shapeshifters," a collaborative exhibition created by fiber artists Ingrid Restemayer and Christy Puetz, adopts the metaphor of the shape-shifter. A shape-shifter is a mythical being, legendary in every...
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  • Retro Hi-Fi at Sidebar
    Sidebar is a retro-modern lounge with a chill atmosphere and a sleek vibe. Retro Hi-Fi was founded by DK Strickler, World Famous Rani "g" and Dr. Drea in September 2009. They provide the hipster crowd with great drink deals and a laid back environment.
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  • The Exhibit at ALAC Gallery 147
    Gennaro Garcia and George Yepes opened up a world of new art at The Exhibit this weekend. Check out their art in the above images. PHOTOS BY SARA DALTON
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  • Best Coast and Wavves at Clubhouse Music Venue
    You know what record is severely -- "criminally," one might say if they were given to old timey rock writer sayings -- underrated? Hole's Live Through This. Some (a lot? a bit? -- I'm not exactly sure) of this certainly has to do with the oft-whispered allegations that Kurt Cobain wrote the...
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  • Tease, a Scandalesque Burlesque
    What do you get when you combine burlesque dancers, a boxing ring stage, a prohibition era warehouse and the MIstress of Tease herself, Blissom Booble? A sexy spectacle known as Scandalesque at The Duce.
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  • River Jones and Friends Music Festival
    The first images that came to mind when I heard about a folk festival at The Paisley Violin? Tie-dyed college kids screeching out against the Vietnam War over a haze of sweet smoke. That wasn't exactly the scene at the River Jones Music & Friends Festival. Influenced by the folk legends of the...
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  • Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction at Westworld
    Scottsdale's weeklong Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction brings fanatics, fetishists and collectors together in honor of all things car-related . Here's a peak at some of the highlights from the midway point of the event, Wednesday.
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