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  • Happy Hours In Photos
    The best part of spending a happy hour at Four Peaks Brewing Company in Tempe is that when you're leaving at 6 p.m., having had a pint of this and a pint of that, you walk past a long line of suckers waiting for tables. They look so thirsty, and a little resentful, and you're so happy...full...
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  • Phoenix New Times: April 2010 In Photos
    Sure it started off with a few fools, but April was a great month for concerts and events around the Valley. Check out Muse, Coachella, zombies and more.
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  • Club Candids at Sticky Fingers
    William Fucking Reed's new dance night went off on Friday, April 30.
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  • An Arizona Tattoo Expo Ink Explosion
    An explosion of ink overwhelmed the Mesa Convention Center this past weekend. The Arizona Tattoo Expo exposed attendees to a nonstop barrage of tats and piercings. There was even a naked Megan Fox appearance...well sort of. PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF AND BILL JENSEN
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  • Adult Swim Launch Party at Days Inn Phoenix
    Although it's no longer at the ritzy Wyndham in downtown Phoenix, this summer's version of the annual pool party series is guaranteed to be just as much of a hipster haven as it was in 2009. The first edition went down on Sunday, May 2, and featured nine different DJs on the wheels of steel –...
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  • Trunk Space Turns Six
    The Trunk Space anniversary had a few things in common with other six year old's birthday parties, such as cake, costumes and music. However, this particular celebration also included impromptu haircuts, tattoo application and lots of spandex (thanks to Treasure Mammal). Andrew Jackson Jihad,...
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  • Club Candids Gets Hammered at George & Dragon
    This weekend the George & Dragon pub celebrated British patron saint George (as it has every April for the last 15 years) with live performances from eight kickass local bands including (but not limited to) the Love Me Nots, Glass Heroes, Automatic Erasers, and Scorpion vs. Tarantula. Some...
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  • Coffee, Cookies & Crafts in Pics
    Coffee, cookies and crafts? They only needed to tell us once! We were there this past Saturday at Bragg's Pie Factory on Grand Avenue, camera in hand. This tremendous trifecta was an idea born of Kate Benjamin (Modern Cat Studio), Lisa Jacobs (Sticker Club Girl) and Megan Olesen (Lucky 15...
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  • Cheap Thrills
    The vintage, retro and antique store opens its doors to Phoenix.
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  • Coachella After Party: Hennessy V.S. Presents DETAILS @ Midnight
    Hennessy V.S. kept the party going after Coachella ended Saturday with a night of music, drinking and dancing. All images by Matt Oliver. Related Content Coachella Pool Parties: Lacoste, Nylon, Guess and more! PHOTOS: FILTER Magazine's 10th Annual Coachella Yacht Club Party PHOTOS:...
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  • Norah Jones at Dodge Theatre
    ​"This place is BIG," said Norah Jones in a self-effacing way to the nearly packed house at Dodge Theatre. The way she delivered the statement made it sound like she wasn't worthy of playing such a fancy concert hall...full story PHOTOS BY LUKE HOLWERDA
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  • Spring Into Summer Fashion Show 2010 at Hotel Valley Ho
    This past Friday night, fashionistas (and fashionistos?) from across the Valley packed into the pool area at Scottsdale's retro-chic Hotel Valley Ho for the 4th Annual Spring into Summer fashion show featuring Beach Bunny Swimwear and up-and-coming L.A. designer Katharine Story...full...
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