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  • Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers With Chuck Berry at U.S. Airways
    Phoenix fans had to wait a few extra weeks to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Once the veteran heartland rocker took the stage, though, they didn't have to wait for the hits. Petty came out swinging, opening with four of his more successful singles: "Listen to Her Heart," "You Don't Know...
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  • Beer For Brains' Off-Centered Experience
    or Brains Foundation in memory of his wife Laurie, who lost her battle with brain cancer that year. The group's sustained by a philanthropic group of craft brewers striving to support brain cancer research through beer-related charity events. Most of the Off-Centered Experience's entrance fee...
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  • Club Candids at Palo Verde Lounge
    Pierced princesses, gutter kids, roller girls, rock ‘n’ roll burnouts, and other creatures of the night stood mere inches away from former Phoenix band Antique Scream (as well as all-girl trio The Venomous Pinks and the punk rock rejects of The Shboom Booms) as they performed on Saturday,...
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  • Tempe Oktoberfest in Photos
    Tempe Beach Park got hammered this weekend. Tiny cups of beer endlessly met the lips of brew-lovers during Tempe's Oktoberfest. See the alcohol-fueled antics in the photos above. PHOTOS BY MARIA VASSETT
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  • Chaos Theory 11 at Legend City
    Chaos Theory didn't necessarily make First Friday all that chaotic, but it did provide some of the more creative and cutting edge artwork of the evening. Furthermore, it didn't feature any Ryan Reynolds appearances so that was an additional perk.
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  • Grindwhore at Infinitas Gallery
    Grindwhore infiltrated the senses of onlookers at October's First Friday. The sight of people donned in body armor attacking each other with power tools greeted the eyes. The smell of burning metal filled the nose. A slinky, creepy and industrial sound bombarded the ears. While this cannot all...
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  • Best of Phoenix 2010: Heroes and Villains
    Phoenix is full of characters. Some belong to the forces of good. Some belong to the forces of Evil. So use this rogue's gallery to make sure you keep the good guys close and the bad guys even closer. ILLUSTRATIONS BY ANTHONY PUGH
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  • Tag, You're Art
    The mural scene in Phoenix has exploded; its hard to find a wall in the Roosevelt neighborhood that doesnt have some kind of mural. Most of them literally appear overnight and some are only up for a few weeks before theyre buffed out. More often than not, these murals are subje...
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  • Personal Space: The Durkins' Modern Manor
    You might say that Ryan and Kylie Durkin, co-owners of Phoenix furniture boutique, Modern Manor, are crazy about interior design. "Design is a passion," both admit. That's an understatement. Finding cool furnishings is their job (they own the store), their hobby, what they do for fun -- in...
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  • The Best People of Electric Daisy Carnival
    As is fitting for an international electronic music festival, EDC attracts an eccentric group of people. Here are our favorite dance music lovers from last weekend's showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more photos: Electric Daisy Carnival 2012: Day One Electric Daisy Carnival: More From Day...
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  • Grand Avenue Festival: In Review
    Weather-related misery aside (let's be real, sweating in September's not unprecedented), we imagined the Grand Avenue Festival would be a pretty stellar way to spend a Saturday afternoon, or evening. And for the most part, we were absolutely right. We set out on Saturday with a mission to check...
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  • O.A.R. at Celebrity Theatre
    Keyboard player Mikel Paris reached out to the crowd in front of him to sing along to "Dareh Meyod." He served as the band's hype man for the evening, having also gotten everyone to clap during "Whose Chariot." Paris played the conga drums to compliment Marc's vocals on an interesting stripped...
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