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  • Personal Space: Daniel Wayne's Haver Hood
    Some people refer to the homes in the Rancho Ventura neighborhood (between 41st and 42nd streets north of McDowell) as the Haver Hives; more than 60 nearly identical Ralph Haver-designed homes are clustered in a 3-block radius. Daniel Wayne and his neighbors, however, call the up-and-coming...
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  • Uproar: Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed at Tempe Beach Park
    Day one of Fall Frenzy belonged to the the arena rockers, day two got a little more alternative, but day three was all about the metal. So metal, in fact, that it wasn't technically day three of the "Arizona Fall Frenzy," so much as its own separate gig, the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar tour,...
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  • Robert Black hosts Vintage Fashion at the Heard Museum
    Friday night at the Heard Museum was all fashion. And in this installment of the Heard's "Third Fridays," Phoenix fashion's Robert Black pulled out some of his vintage collection from his Scottsdale boutique and paired it with the Heard's extensive collection of Southwest accessories...full...
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  • Brazilian Day at Club 910 Live
    How did Arizona celebrat Brazil's day of independence? With dancing of course. Club 910 Live was packed with Brazilian dancers and musicians including Brasildade, Som Brasil, DJ Seduce, and Axe Capoeira. PHOTOS BY MARIA VASSETT
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  • Radio Phoenix Pool Party at the Clarendon
    If you left the house at all this weekend, you may have found it hard to believe that the "official" end of summer is just around the corner. Luckily Radio Phoenix still throws a party even when it's as hot as hell. The volunteer-driven, Phoenix-based radio station held the event at the...
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  • Fall Frenzy: Weezer, Sublime W/Rome, Primus, and Devo
    That review of the band's latest album -- sarcastically headlined, "Is Hurley Weezer's Best Album Since Make Believe?" -- is thoroughly and enjoyably steeped in the same staunchly "it's no Pinkerton" (those exact words are more or less used, actually) attitude I've adopted since, oh, 2002 or...
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  • The Final Tranzylvania at Palazzo
    More than 500 vampish vixens, goth groupies, funky fetish types, and other creatures of the night packed into Palazzo on Friday, September 17, for the last edition of Tranzylvania at the club.
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  • Fall Frenzy: Stone Temple Pilots at Tempe Beach Park
    ​Scott Weiland didn't take a header off the stage last night at Arizona Fall Frenzy. Nor did he accidentally reveal he was lip-synching or abusing heroin for that matter. In fact, other than a 45-minute delay due to "suspicious packages" found at Tempe Beach Park earlier in the evening, the...
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  • Lollapalooza Sunday: The Hottest Day of All
    Sunday, August 5th brought the sun to Lollapalooza and the bright colors bloomed forth. Put on some shades and click through for the fun. ALL PHOTOS BY LAURA JUNE KIRSCH See More From Lollapalooza: Lovely Ladies of Lollapalooza | Lollapalooza: Riding the Storm Out | Lollapalooza Sunday: The...
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  • Paramore at the Dodge Theatre
    Physically, the Paramore singer looks fiery with her bright red hair and ruler-straight body. Personality-wise, she's a dynamic burst of energy. At her show at the Dodge Theatre last night, she ran around the stage, igniting the crowd by jumping up and down, whipping her hair around and giving...
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  • Personal Space: Meredith Howell's Green Dorm Room
    Howell has spent three years living in the Hassayampa Academic Village dorms on the Tempe campus; one as a resident and two as a CA (Community Assistant if you haven't been around college in awhile), and in that time, she has made an art out of dorm decor. The "green" dorm room (it's LEED...
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  • Hanson at Mesa Arts Center
    Right now, as I write this sentence, I'm listening to Middle of Nowhere, Hanson's major label debut from 1997. That record of course contains "MMMBop" but it's the first verse of "Thinking of You" that I'm spinning -- it's undeniable pop goodness...full story PHOTOS BY LUKE HOLWERDA
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