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  • Local Motors Unveils Rally Fighter
    Valley newcomers Local Motors invited the public down to their factory to unveil its first car design to make the transition from design to physical, breath-taking reality. Check out the Rally Fighter in the above pics. Attendees also got to check out a car show full of, you know, normal...
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  • Ted Baker Fashion Show at W Scottsdale
    It was a sparse evening at the W Scottsdale last night, where fashion-savvy locals gathered to see Ted Baker London's Spring/Summer collection and get a preview of their fall offerings. We were left disappointed -- though the fashions weren't the problem...full story PHOTOS BY JONATHAN MCNAMARA
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  • SB 1070 Protests In Photos
    Check out photos direct from the front lines of protesters clashing with police officers on the streets of Phoenix.
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  • Personal Space: Christoph Kaiser's Home in Photos
    Christoph Kaiser dreams of his home being a hive of creative activity, kind of a bauhaus of downtown Phoenix. As co-founder (with Hayes McNeil) of plus minus studio and with the help of project manager Anson Chen, Christoph has made an outlet for his creative energy in terms of architecture...
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  • Scorpions at the Dodge Theatre
    If you've heard any of the Scorpions new material, you know that it's pretty terrible. I don't just mean, "Man, I really don't like this." I mean, terrible. Given that their old stuff is solid (and even maybe "great" to someone who enjoys hair metal more than me) within the larger context of...
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  • Night Swim at Hotel Theodore
    Tired of pool parties yet? We're not either. That's why we stopped by Night Swim at Hotel Theodore this weekend. Bikini-clad beauties and their boyos showed up late to swim the night away. PHOTOS BY VICTOR PALAGANO
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  • Club Candids at Shady's
    Our favorite local bar on Friday, July 23.
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  • Opening Night at Nile Theatre with Circa Survive
    More than 500 people were in attendance during opening night at the Nile Theater in Mesa on Saturday, July 24, which featured an energetic performance from the indie rockers of Circa Survive. PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN LEATHERMAN
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  • Halloween Tubing at the Salt River
    That's right. Floaters brought the typical marshmallows and coolers full of brew, but they also brought last year's Halloween costumes for a slightly spookier trip down the river. What is the SPF rating on vampire make-up? PHOTOS BY EVIE CARPENTER AND DIANA MARTINEZ
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  • Justin Bieber and Friends at Arena
    Justin Bieber brought his teenaged musical stylings to arena yesterday. We've been informed that his bangs are where his talent lies, but we wouldn't know. Just trying to get into the venue last night was made impossible by the ear-piercing, girlie screams of Bieber's...
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  • Barenaked Ladies and Kris Allen at Dodge Theatre
    Ed Robertson is probably the more talented of the two founding members of Barenaked Ladies. Creative input aside, Robertson is a master chameleon, both able to mimic the boisterous nerdiness of ex-frontman Steven Page and do all the little things Page could never do, like rap the verses to the...
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  • Kesha at Marquee Theater
    The janitors at Marquee Theatre have quite the task ahead of them after Kesha's first concert in Arizona. The 23-year-old inspired the vast majority of women in the audience to slather on glitter (much of which ended up on the Marquee floor), she shot out confetti using a super-cool confetti...
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