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  • Cake at Marquee Theater
    The 20-year-old Sacramento band hasn't put out a new album in six years, and hasn't had a bona fide hit in nearly a decade, since "Short Skirt/Long Jacket." That's a resume appropriate for a county fair -- not that you could tell by the reception they got here...full story PHOTOS BY LUKE HOLWERDA
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  • The Devil's Martini wears Ruby Boutique
    Devil's Martini played host to a beach party and fashion show on Friday, June 18. Ruby Boutique provided the beach-inspired fashion, all of which was available for $40. The event was held to help raise money for the Arizona Humane Society. PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF
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  • I Didn't Cross the Border the Border Crossed Me Art Show In Photos
    The Museum of Contemporary Native Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico opened this exhibit to examine the relationship between art and the immigration issue. Take a look at the art above and see what it says to you.
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  • SRP Fridge-A-Thon in Photos
    SRP has a new fridge recycling program that will net you $30 for that spare fridge or freezer. To get the word out about this cool deal, SRP hooked old ice boxes up with various local artists to create some cool art currently on display at After Hours Gallery. PHOTOS BY DIANA MARTINEZ
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  • Club Candids: White Rabbit at Hotel San Carlos' Ghost Lounge
    A lot of folks fell down the rabbit hole Saturday night at Hotel San Carlos, but that's what happens when you offer $3 cocktails. See just what transpired in our the photos above. PHOTOS BY ADRIANE GOETZ
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  • Adult Swim at Hotel San Carlos
    Lounging pool side is what Adult Swim is all about. That's just what happened on June 13 when Valley hipsters and bathing suit enthusiasts took to Hotel San Carlos' pool. Check out the beautiful (mostly) people above. PHOTOS BY JONATHAN MCNAMARA
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  • Triangles Bikini Fashion Show at Drift
    New Times knows how to throw a party. We invited Triangles to Drift Lounge for a bit of a bikini fashion show along with a fire dancer and a drum circle. A Polynesian party in the heat of Summer? Yeah, we know how to have a good time. PHOTOS BY JONATHAN MCNAMARA
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  • SMoCA's Summer Opening Reception
    The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art showed off three exhibits to tantalize art lovers through the hottest months of the year at the museum's Summer opening reception on June 11. "Re-imagining the West: Selections from the Permanent Collection" made its debut at the reception and will run...
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  • Insane Clown Posse at Marquee Theater
    Why no one has made a serious documentary about Insane Clown Posse fans baffles me. The hooting and hollering, the facepaint, the cheap soda, the bullshit allegations of gang membership -- the Juggalos have it all. Just look at the photos from the show...full story PHOTOS BY VICTOR PALAGANO
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  • Personal Space: Hayes McNeil's Home in Photos
    For Phoenix architect Hayes McNeil, his home, a duplex in central Phoenix, represents some of the same modernist ideas advocated in the past, efficiency, form following function and the improvement of communities through architecture.
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  • Club Candids at Portland's
    A visit to our favorite drinking spot on First Friday, June 7.
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  • Opening Weekend at Disco Scottsdale
    Dozens of dudes and divas got a serious case of disco fever as they turned out for the grand opening of Old Town Scottsdale’s newest danceteria on Saturday, June 5. The 8,000-square-foot nightspot features an ginormous interactive LED dance floor that’s totally fly, as well as a high-tech sound...
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