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  • SB 1070 Day of Defiance
    Tens of thousands marched Saturday, May 29 to the state Capitol in opposition to Arizona's heinous "papers please" law SB 1070. The following are photos from the march, the rally afterward, and from a Human Rights Festival that took place the day before in anticipation of the march. Check the...
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  • Final Friday at Cartel Coffee Lab
    The end of May is upon us and that means Final Friday. Like a miniature First Friday, this monthly occasion features new art, a cool atmosphere and savory sips live at Tempe's Cartel Coffee Lab. PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF
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  • Phoenix New Times: May 2010 In Photos
    Adieu May! Welcome June! Yes, May has left us only with memories of protests, comic art and pool parties. See for yourself in the shots above.
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  • Costume Party In Photos
    On the table in front of him are a dozen or so unfinished fiberglass body parts. He intends to put them together into the coolest costume Phoenix Comicon has ever seen. The annual pop culture geek convention takes place May 27 through 30 at the Phoenix Convention Center, where Forrester will...
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  • The Big Event In Photos
    Clad in too many bracelets and sucking on pacifiers, raver chicas and chicos hit Firebird International Raceway on Friday, May 23, for some dance action courtesy of The Big Event. Check out all the beats and bass in the above photos. PHOTOS BY VICTOR PALAGANO
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  • Club Candids at the Vig Uptown
    The Vig's new location was filled with hot babes on Friday, May 21.
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  • Sex and the City Fashion Show at the W Scottsdale
    ​Last night, Sex and the City fans gathered by the rooftop pool at the W Scottsdale for Steve Levine's "Carrie On" Fashion Show in celebration of the upcoming second film release. Surprisingly, the gender divide wasn't as wide as expected...full story PHOTOS BY JONATHAN MCNAMARA
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  • Phoenix New Times 40th Anniversary Party at MADCAP Theater
    For those of you playing the home game, it's been forty years since Phoenix's alternative weekly paper Phoenix New Times came into existence as a reaction to the Kent State shootings. We celebrated with a massive party at MADCAP Theater in Tempe complete with performances by various Valley...
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  • The Duce's Grand Opening Party
    The long-awaited Duce finally opened her doors to reveal the bar/restaurant/gym/shopping/soda fountain goodness she contains. Check out the following shots from the grand-opening party "Orange Crush the Lakers" on Sunday, May 24. PHOTOS BY JONATHAN MCNAMARA
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  • Minus the Bear Rocks Marquee Theater
    To be totally honest, I sorta figured the Suns playoff game and the Lost finale would upstage Minus The Bear's Sunday night concert at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe. I mean, Sunday shows are sort of dicey proposition to begin with, let alone when there's such stiff competition...full...
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  • Bunky Boutique
    Jackalope Ranch gets a first look at the new location.
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  • Club Candids: Psycho Sundays at Big Fish Pub
    Sundays in Tempe can be kind of a drag, but with Southwest Psycho's new endeavor at the Big Fish Pub, anyone whose musical interests include the suffix "billy" has a new Sunday spot to see live music and shake a tail-feather. PHOTOS BY ADRIANE GOETZ
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