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  • Adult Swim: William Reed's Birthday Pool-Side at the Wyndham
    Local DJ William Reed turned 32 this weekend and he did it with style. Sure, there was a cake, but there was also wicked DJ sessions, plenty of hot bods and pool-side dancing. Happy Birthday to you. PHOTOS BY MITCHELL TAY
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  • Rise Against at Mesa Amphitheater
    If you thought skinhead punk was a fringe phenomenon occurring only in clannish groups like the one depicted in American History X, think again. Chicago punk act Rise Against appeared to send a clear message that they're outraged with the Obama administration at Mesa Amphitheatre last night,...
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  • Club Candids at Casey Moore's Oyster House
    Even on Sunday, we found plenty of folks here on August 9th.
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  • A-Trak's 10,000 lb. Hamburger Tour at Club Red
    Perspiration was the cologne of choice during A-Trak show at Tempe's Club Red on Monday, July 13, as the sweltering 100-degree-plus temps inside the nightspot caused many a scenester to baste in their own sweat. Then again, it might've also been the white-hot beats that the A-List turntablist...
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  • Lil Wayne at Cricket Wireless Pavilion
    Lil Wayne and his entourage fired up Cricket Wireless Pavilion with pyrotechnics, giant screens and all the hot dance moves they could Flash for the "America's Most Wanted Tour" on Wednesday, August 12, 2009. PHOTOS BY LUKE HOLWERDA
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  • Club Candids at SideBar
    A surprisingly sexy Sunday night on July 12th.
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  • Munny Grubbers Toy Show at Just Blazed
    What started out as a Japanese toy trend and later moved into the American geek subculture has now remarkably found it's way into trendy toy stores, hip-hip shops and even -- gasp! --museums across the nation. This past weekend, we checked out the awesome creations at the Munny Grubbers Show at...
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  • Urban Pac-Man in Downtown Phoenix
    The legendary 1980s arcade classic Pac-Man went from the video game world to the real world as college student Linzi Juliano and a group of her 20something friends transposed the game to the streets of downtown Phoenix on Saturday, July 11.
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  • Summer of Sound: Hip Hop Show at Fat Tuesday
    Not to toot our own horn too much, but the Summer of Sound Hip Hop show was slick on Saturday, August 8, 2009. B-Boys spun on their heads, DJs spun their musical magic and local acts like Bear the Astronot, Zig Zag, Silver Medallion, Golden Tung, and Souls of Mischief brought the house down....
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  • Jenny Lewis and The Heartless Bastards at The Marquee
    Jenny Lewis is certainly an entertainer. "From Los Angeles, with love, here's Jenny Lewis," the announcer belted Vegas-style as she took the stage at the Marquee on Saturday night, and Ms. Lewis wasted no time making her indie-diva status abundantly clear. As her ace-card backing band cranked...
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  • FRESH at the Icehouse Tavern
    The Shizz strikes again, as the fanati…er, passionate members of the local music collective/discussion board presented FRESH, a night devoted to way old school hip-hop, at the Icehouse Tavern on Saturday, August 8. As DJs Tony Poer and mig50 spun tracks straight outta the days of Run DMC an...
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  • OBSCURA at The Ruby Room
    If you're looking for a sweet spot to get your dance on and 80's, New Wave and Brit Pop is your thing, head over to OBSCURA at The Ruby Room every second Friday where DJ Roya and DJ Manchester keep the party going all night, well at least until 2 a.m. We took a look for ourselves on Friday,...
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