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  • Chef Stephanie Izard drops some knowledge at Digestif
    Bravo's Top Chef Season Four winner and Scottsdale Culinary Institute alum Stephanie Izard visited Scottsdale hot spot Digestif Tuesday and Wednesday night to whip up a little something for the people.
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  • 9 Ways The Zombie Apocalypse Will Make Christmas Better
    You're constantly on the run from the demonic forces of the undead. You’ve lost most of the people you care about and survival from this nightmare seems like an impossible dream. But hey, it sure beats the hell out of facing the mall crowds at Christmas time.
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  • Forking: Roasted Garlic
    In his second installment of Forking, C.M. Redding explores the strong virtues of the simple garlic bulb. Read this week's Forking column.
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  • Bloc Party at Marquee Theater
    Bloc Party lead Kele Okereke rocked so hard on December 14, 2008 that he took a break from the stage to make himself a drink halfway through the concert. Read the full story.
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  • The Aquabats at Marquee Theater
    The Aquabats, Suburban Legends and Dusty Rhodes and The River Band infected Marquee Theater with ska-driven, musical fever on Saturday, December 13, 2008. Read a review of the Aquabats show.
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  • Medic Droid: Making the Cover
    Landing the perfect shot of Medic Droid on the cover of this week's New Times required a lot of artistic direction and a little force. See alternate covers and live show shots in this slide show.
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  • Graffiti at Madison Event Center
    As documented in this week's Bird item, "Good Graffiti," the owners of Phoenix's Madison Event Center at 441 W. Madison Street have turned over their walls, inside and out, to PHX aerosol artists such as DOSE, SERP, CRE, DEXTER, and others. Much of the outside graffiti shown here was shot on...
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  • "Fill In the Groove: Vinyl Art Show" at Hoodlums
    Hoodlums buzzed with activity on Dec 13, 2008 as the masses poured in to checkout out paintings on vinyl records. For the full story read this week's art column or Arty Girl.
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  • First Friday on December 5, 2008
    There were plenty of street musicians, art lovers, and other colorful characters out and about for First Friday on December 5.
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