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  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine - The Quest For Free Tickets to the World Premiere
    Last nigt more than 700 Wolverine fans descended on Harkins Theater at Tempe Marketplace with folding chairs, portable DVD players and coolers full of caffeine-based sustenance to wait it out for tickets to the X-Men Origins: Wolverine premiere on Monday, April 27. As advertised on their web...
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  • Lowriders Get Down In Guadalupe
    Guadalupe's streets were packed Saturday with Street Kings, Intruders, and Majestics -- just a few of the car clubs represented at the greatest free lowrider car show in the Valley. That's right, free, just like all the chocolate Easter Bunnies you crammed in your pie-hole last week, fatty....
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  • Tenth Annual Card Board Boat Regatta
    Like a lot of geek races (robots, anyone?), the regatta started out as a class project. You know, make a bridge that holds 20 lbs., make a working water clock, make a flimsy paper boat and sail around the town lake to see if it sinks. In this case, the professor of a college architectural...
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  • Swimsuits, Ice Sculptures and Primping at the W for Steve Levine Entertainment's 2nd Anniversary.
    Models wearing chic swim suits, took to the cat walk as dance band Static cranked out tunes and party-goers got hand and arm massages at the W for Steve Levine Entertainment's 2nd Anniversary.
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  • Latino-American Family Faces Hate Crime
    When Orlando Diaz returned to his mobile home recently from a two-week vacation in Mexico, he found the remnants of what looked like a skinhead hoedown...full story
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  • Fluor-Ascent! Has Hikers Lit Up
    Members AZ Cacophony decked out in LEDs, head lamps and other lighting materials to ascend the Piestewa Peak Summit Trail on April 11, 2009. As with AZ Cacophony such as "The Brides of March," the 1.2 mile hike promised a reward of alcohol upon completion provided no one had a run-ins with the...
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