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  • Estrella War
    Want an up-close-and -personal look at the Estrella War fought by the Society for Creative Anachronism mentioned in this week's cover story? Suit up and get to swinging foam-covered bats. This war won't fight itself.
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  • Nerd of War in Photos
    For this week's cover story, several shots and concepts did not make it past the cutting room floor for the current issue of Phoenix New Times. Here's another look at Simon Horich from mad scientist to battling baron.
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  • Millionaires and Cash Cash Get Paid and Laid (Presumably) at Modified Show
    In this line of work, feeling a little old on the job is an occupational hazard. Still, few times have I felt more disconnected from the concertgoers around me than I did walking in during the last two songs by critically despised teeny-bopping post-hardcore act I Set My Friends on Fire,...
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  • Playboy's March 2009 Issue Release Party
    How did Playboy Magazine represent during All-Star Weekend? With a massive issue release party complete with bunnies.
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  • Phoenix Suns Show Off Their Ink
    In this week's cover story, Niki D'Andrea explores the ink of the Phoenix Suns. Want to see Shaq's tatts up close and personal? Here's your chance.
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  • Arizona Porn Star Ball (NSFW)
    The feral festivities at the Arizona Porn Star Ball started at 9 p.m., and lasted well beyond last call. The list of special guests was longer than John Holmes' tool, and included adult film stars Pharyn Sparxxx, Mya Lee, Taryn Thomas, Priya Rai, and Sophia Rossi; hip-hop artists Justus,...
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