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  • Club Candids at Rose and Crown
    We couldn't resist one of our favorite spots for some casual Friday night drinking on July 31st.
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  • Club Candids: Shake! at the Rogue
    Anyone who’s been on the scene for a few years knows that Phoenix nightlife has the attention span of a 2-month-old puppy with severe ADHD. The life expectancy for a successful dance night (successful meaning a vibrant crowd, not a handful of tore up creepers who only come in hopes of hookin...
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  • Solstice Saturdays at Bar Smith
    Some people (usually the ones who complain all the time and are absolutely zero fun to hang out with) are always trying to say there’s no nightlife in Downtown Phoenix. After cruising down to 2nd Avenue and Washington over the weekend to check out Bar Smith’s Solstice Saturdays, the debate ...
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  • Poison and Def Leppard at Cricket Wireless Pavilion
    After drawing some fire for making an unfavorable comparison between Green Day and Poison in my review of last Saturday's show at U.S. Airways Center, I saw a rare chance to subject one of my statements to some scrutiny this Saturday as Poison and Def Leppard show played Cricket Pavilion...full...
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  • Phoenix New Times: July In Photos
    Epic super hero battles, music festivals, nights out with your closest (and most inebriated) friends and Beyonce. July 2009, you will be missed.
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  • The Zombie Apocalypse Across America
    Maybe it's the bath salt epidemic in Los Angeles and Miami, Florida or the 2012 end of the world hysteria. Whatever the cause, our generation's apocalypse fantasy has taken the form of the undead. From coast to coast, here's proof of the zombie takeover. For more zombie photos, check out:...
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  • Pussycat Lounge's New Look
    The debaucherous Scottsdale nightclub re-opened this past weekend after a month-long renovation. Check out our slideshow of the danceteria's new look, as well as all the bad behavior that took place inside the place on Saturday, August 29
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  • Club Candids at Dos Gringos
    The power of a good party never ceases to amaze us. Not even triple-digit heat can stop the droves of drinkers from spending Friday night on the patio at Dos Gringos in Scottsdale. While it was tough to tell whether it was sweat or just an over-active misting system, but there wasn’t a dr...
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  • Love Mania Pool Party at the Wyndham Hotel
    School might be back in session, but the summer ain't over just yet. A slew of bikini-clad babes mixed with dope DJs during the pimp Love Mania Pool Party on Saturday, August 29, at the Wyndham Hotel. Photos by Benjamin Leatherman.
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  • Aerosmith and ZZ Top Rock Cricket Wireless Pavilion
    A funny thing has happened to the recording industry lately. Video games have begun to influence to music sales. Don't believe me? Consider that the re-release of the entire Beatle Catalogue is scheduled for the exact same day as the release of The Beatles Rock Band, a music simulation game...
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  • "Do You Remember When?": Postcommodity Installation at ASU Art Museum
    "Native Confluence: Sustaining Cultures" opened Friday, August 28 at ASU Art Museum's Ceramic Research Center. Kicking off a 3-part series of installations by Native American artists in conjunction with ASU's October Sustainability Conference was "Do You Remember When?" by Postcommodity, an...
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  • Dreamy Lingerie and Swimwear Launch Party at the Mondrian
    The Midnight Room at Scottsdale's Mondrian Hotel was jam-packed with ritzy folks downing complimentary drinks courtesy of Dreamy Lingerie on Saturday, July 25, 2009. Take a gander at the Dreamy's latest line below. PHOTOS BY JONATHAN MCNAMARA
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