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  • DOSE and Hector Ruiz' coLABORation at the Bentley Project
    Hector Ruiz and DOSE kicked off November's First Friday with an exhibition at the Bentley Project Gallery. These two local artists unveiled an impressive collection, entitled "coLABORation," consisting of mixed-media pieces on various materials ranging from paper to canvas. PHOTOS BY ROARKE LACEY
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  • Wrestlemania XXVI Pre-sale Party at Westgate City Center
    Rasslin' fanatics from around the Valley and across the country converged on Westgate City Center in Glendale on Friday, November 6, to get first crack at primo tickets for Wrestlemania XXVI (a.k.a. the "Superbowl of wrestling") a day before they went on sale to the general public. World...
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  • Dear and the Headlights Versus The Dirty Heads at the Red Bull Soundclash
    I've said it before: With very few exceptions (well, really one exception, The Aggrolites) white reggae is a pox upon America. So, believe me, it's not that I wanted to go see The Dirty Heads play last night's Red Bull Soundclash at Marquee Theatre...full story PHOTOS BY LUKE HOLWERDA
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  • Club Candids at Yucca Tap Room on Halloween
    Yes, it's even more photos of young people in costumes!
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  • Halloween Night in Scottsdale
    It was an action-packed All Hallows Eve in Scottsdale as costumed revelers haunted at such Scottsdale hotspots at the Stone Rose Lounge, the Ghost Ball at Axis/Radius, American Junkie, and Afterlife. Take a ghoulish gander at some of the sexy, scary, and surreal costumes that were being worn....
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  • Downtown Zombie Walk
    The undead walked the streets of Phoenix on October 30, 2009. Starting at Rose and Crown, the crowds of ghouls meandered (like zombies do) around town before arriving at their final destination (we hope) at the ball park. PHOTOS BY TRAVIS BRIERE
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  • Sadisco* at Chaser's
    You think your Halloween was scary? You should have been at Sadisco*. Costumed freaks and chain saw-wielding maniacs were out in droves celebrating All Hallows Eve. PHOTOS BY VICTOR PALAGANO
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  • The Final Shake! at the Rogue
    After five long years of indie/rock/electro/etc. dance tunes, celebrity guest DJs and stylish drunks gyrating on the dance floor, Shake! finally let out its death rattle. Fortunately the old dame went out with a bang and not a whimper Saturday night, yielding an army of creatively-costumed...
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  • Phish Festival 8: Photos of The Ultimate Hippie Halloween
    Hippies love Halloween. Or so one would think from Phish’s 3-day “Festival 8,” which brought the band’s die-hard fans from around the world to Indio, California for a weekend of pot, Frisbee, breakfast burritos, pot, fire-breathing statues, pot and incredibly well-crafted costumes.
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  • The Night Before Halloween in Phoenix and Tempe
    Sexy costumed ghouls and face-painted zombies were haunting the bars and music venues of both Phoenix and Tempe on Friday, October 30, including the G-Spot, Jugheads, Club Red, and along Mill Avenue. PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN LEATHERMAN.
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  • Rob Zombie at Dodge Theatre
    Just a couple days shy of Halloween, Rob Zombie took stage at Dodge Theatre to dig through his library of spooky songs and burn through his hits. Scary. See photos from the concert below. PHOTOS BY VICTOR PALAGANO
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  • Month in Food Porn: October 2009
    If you're not salivating at the end of this slide show, you should get your tongue checked. We've taken a look back at all the succulent food shots taken for Chow Bella and "Cafe" this month and packed them into this handy slide show. Hungry? We're starving.
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