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  • "Save the Coyotes" Rally
    Chants of "Let's go Coy-otes!" and "Stay away Canada!" filled the air on Saturday as about 200 Valley ice hockey fans in white rallied to show their support for keeping the Phoenix Coyotes in Glendale...full story
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  • Making the Cover: Nazi Propaganda
    Encapsulating the meaning of a 6,000-word cover story in an instant is the challenge our covers face every week. For this week's cover, "Ja, Joe!" the idea was sparked by Neo-Nazi protesters who reminded us of a certain style of art that hasn't been around since World War II.
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  • ASU Commencement Featuring President Obama on May 13, 2009
    A day of commencement ceremonies including a performance by Runaway Phoenix and Alice Cooper came to a climax when President Obama took to the stage to address ASU's 2009 graduates.
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  • Club Candids: A Night at the Downtown Civic Space Park
    Kinch and What Laura Says provided the soundtrack for a Friday night out on May 8th.
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  • Las Bandas Borrachas at Club Red
    Minus Blindfold, Roveen, Beyond the Now, Driven A.D. and Untra assaulted Club Red with alcohol-fueled performances on May 9. Las Bandas Borrachas has but one rule: play wasted. Hey, if you can't rock out drunk what kind of rock star are you?
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  • Spring Into Summer Fashion Show at Hotel Valley Ho
    Drinking cocktails while sitting pool side at the Valley Ho as beautiful models demonstrate the latest summer fashions is not such a bad thing. Knowing that proceeds from the event benefit the Junior Achievement Foundation makes the whole thing a bit sweeter. Being on the water, this fashion...
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  • Dave Matthews Band Spring Tour at Cricket Wireless Pavilion
    Dave Matthews hit Cricket Wireless Pavilion like a crashing satellite on May 6, 2009.
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  • ASU Undie Run 2009
    Sure, you could clean out your closet with a few Goodwill runs, but thousands of ASU students found a better solution: get (half) naked. For the second year in a row, ASU kids from all majors and years celebrated the last day of classes by stripping down to their undies and running around...
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  • Cinco de Mayo In Photos
    Tequilla? Check. Crazy cover bands? Check. Cinco de Mayo memories direct from Salty Senorita and Dos Gringos in Scottsdale forever immortalized for posterity? Check it out for yourself.
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  • Club Candids: The Shizz Prom
    Discovering prom magic all over again at the Icehouse Tavern on Saturday, May 2nd.
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  • Zack de la Rocha Returns to Protest Sheriff Joe Arpaio
    Before today's successful march of thousands from the Wells Fargo building in downtown Phoenix to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's gulags, many in the Phoenix activist community tried to dissuade civil rights leader and march organizer Salvador Reza from taking on Arpaio in such a bold, uncompromising way....
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  • First Friday: May 2009
    Local music was the focus of First Friday on May 1, 2009. Back Ted N-Ted hit up Roosevelt Row for an outside gig, while local favs What Laura Says, and Dry River Yacht Club battled it out for band supremacy at Phoenix Art Museum.
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